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    Hmm... "eat" eh? Well he's gotta be called "STRAWBERRY" for some reason. XD LOL I mean his name is phonetically the same as the Japanese word for "strawberry" which is also "ichigo" as well...

    OMG I've been growing my hair out for a while... DOES THIS MEAN I WILL BE STRONGER THAN AIZEN?????????? SWEET.

    But ya know, I actually had some "ichigo" cake today. XD

    Overall I am pretty happy with the chapter's flow, except for the fact that I was kinda hoping for some Gin/Rangiku moments in there...

    I wonder what will happen when Ichigo and his dad fight Aizen? (You know, because they both have the same technique, maybe they have some special combo or something...) I really hope Aizen dies. I really do. I despise him. He's horrible.