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KEIRI KEIRI KEIRI (I swear if I don't get in I will unleash my Zanpakuto on all yo' asses >:[)
Anyway, I read the last chapter and was somewhat left begging for more. IT WAS ONLY 20-SOMETHING PAGES. Come on. While it did serve its purpose of leaving us on the edge of our seats, it could've had some depth.

Anyway, what I'm worried about is how Bleach is going to turn out after the super-long Arrancar saga. Apparently, Tite Kubo has confirmed that he'll be making a new arc after this saga's over, and that it has something to do with Captain-Commander Yamamoto. According to other people's experiences, another longer arc after the main story was over spelled disaster for the manga, causing many of its fans to leave it. I really hope the same thing doesn't happen with Bleach.