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    Let's ignore all that...
    So you and your friend are working on this project. Well, if he can't script, you will have to... That requires you to have a copy of the program yourself. It's not legal (and against the rules of PC) but many people here have it by unfair means themselves.
    As far as scripting is concerned, I haven't used RMXP myself but I know Ruby, and I know Ruby is a very simple language. Since RGSS is based on that, expect it to be quite simple as well. Requires some practice, decent IQ, some brains, and logic. After you begin developing, you'll get the hang of it.

    Help Needed!
    Overworld Sprites
    Hoenn Remap(Same places but Gen 4 style Graphics)

    Unfortenatly, I can't show my maps, my computer isnt new enough to do that, if it can, idk how
    Most of this stuff should be in the starter kit, and like everybody else, you can use tilesets like Kyledove's for the time being.
    Remapping an already made region is not rocket science, get hold of RMXP and you can begin doing that. (does not require a good computer, look at the system requirements of RMXP)

    I see you're a spriter (from your sig ), try your hand at tilesets or OWs. Both of them should be in the kit, if I'm not wrong (just suggesting this so that your project looks unique, since most people have the same tilesets, characters, everything... and most people like originality.

    When I wrote my comment earlier, I said that only because these tasks can be done by most people... And if you want a team, give people what they like, get them interested.

    EDIT: You do need to work on some spelling, nobody minds what's here in the drawing board... But everybody expects minor things like this to be perfect in game and even in the thread you present your game in (showcase)
    You don't want to lose on fans for these minor mistakes, do you?