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Welcome Omer! To become a captain you just have to be active and stuff... LOL

Speaking of open captain spots, I wonder what will happen to the ones in the actual series... XD I've kinda got a feeling that Renji and Ikkaku will decide to stay under their respective captains... And those are the only non-captain bankai users in the gotei 13 right? (Or am I forgetting someone??? And Ichigo doesn't count toward this question since he's not officially in a squad.)

I'm looking forward to the new arc.
I hope it does have to do with Isshin because his back story is one of the ones I'm most curious about. I mean, we know Yoruichi, Urahara, and Tessai's stories from the Turn Back the Pendulum arc. That also showed us the past of the Vizard Army, and Aizen's group and some of the other characters such as Nanao and Byakuya. I wonder how old Isshin is...? XD XD XD I mean, I wonder if he is really from the soul society and exiled, or if he's like Ichigo and obtained/unlocked his powers by similar means... He looks 40-50-ish and it makes sense because of his children's ages (15 and 11) but if he is from the soul society then he'd be a lot older. It's also making me wonder if he is from soul society and came to the world of the living then does he start to age like a regular person? And how did he even reproduce? I didn't think a gigai could have such functions. LOL But seriously it's only an artificial body... So maybe he really did get his powers similarly to Ichigo? Hard to know at this point but I do certainly hope Kubo-sensei lets us fans know his past!

Sosuke, my laptop has the SAME issue! It's kinda ironic... What I do is tape the charger in place. It... kinda works. Kinda. XD

Oh yeah, and I will surpass Aizen BECAUSE I am an Aizen-hater. XD XD XD