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Yay! It feels so exclusive about being a part of this fan club. XD

Anyway, I've seen some discussion about those empty captain spots in the Gotei 13. I agree with most of you that Ikkaku will not leave his squad, but I'm not sure about Renji. I don't remember his explicitly stating that he'll actually forever serve under Captain Kuchiki (correct me if I'm wrong); only that he wishes to surpass him. There's no chance he'll be able to knock Kuchiki from his position as Captain of Squad 6, so I believe that in order to surpass him, he'd probably try to fill in one of the empty captain spots.

And what was Aizen talking about when he wanted to "eat" Ichigo? That was really creepy. My initial assumption was that, since Aizen had become hollow-like with the eyes and that transformation, he probably had hollow-like tendencies and wanted to try them out on Ichigo.

I'm also wondering how Isshin and Ichigo are going to protect Karakura Town in the Soul Society, as most of the Gotei 13 captains and lieutenants are incapacitated. Are the captains in Hueco Mundo going to come back to help? We haven't seen any signs of them these past few chapters.

Yeah, those are my random thoughts about the course of the manga so far. XD