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    Originally Posted by Late View Post
    That was quick. You already continued to Black & White as you have made many drawings of HG/SS.
    Nice work. I like it. You already made them attack before even knowing their moves :D
    Thank you! ^^ I just put general attacking moves there just judging by their appearences. xD I'm glad you like it, though!

    Originally Posted by Mumfie View Post
    WOw, this is indeed incredible. Do you have a Deviantart-page?
    Thank you! ^^ And yep, I do have a deviantART. My username there is Delthero.

    Originally Posted by bunnyricebowl View Post
    Those are pwnsome tails! So much detail, they look like a lot of work! Awesome job, I love your Tsutaja evolutions too, the final dragon form looks wicked. :shocked:
    Thank you very much! ^^ I hope Tsutaja evolves into a dragon, ahaha xD

    Originally Posted by Hibaru View Post
    Most people and my friends always proud of me, Because of my Hand-Drawing skills and Computer Drawing Skills are both good. But when I saw your great draw, I feel like....You know, I feel like there's someone has beat me and I lose. To who? Non other than you! I feel like you've made me lose. What I mean is I like your Draw! And that's really amaze me when I saw the Pidgeot flying! Keep it up buddy! ;)
    *blushes* Thank you so much! Don't let other people discourage you, though, all it takes is practice! I'm sure someday you'll be better than me ^^

    Originally Posted by gapdreamer View Post
    omg those are horribly ridiculously awesomely great!!
    my drawings look **** and ****** compared to them.
    keep up the good work, i hope to see more ^^
    note: i am in love with the gyarados 100x<3<3<3
    Thank you so much! *blush* I'm glad you like them!

    Originally Posted by Zamorak View Post
    Wow, this is all so good... I wish I could do something anywhere near this good but I always mess up proportions. Well i'll keep trying(and failing) and while I wait for that day I make a pic that isn't fail i'll look at your pics and be amazed, and envious(who wouldn't be :cer_laugh:) of your skillz.
    Thank you! Again, all it takes is practice, so just keep trying! =D
    Anyway, before I post another drawing, an update- my Reshiram vs. Zekrom piece got a Daily Deviation on DeviantART the other day! :O I was completely shocked, but it was really awesome! I thank you guys for your support, otherwise I might not have drawn it xD

    Anyway, here's another non-Pokémon related piece.

    This is a slightly overdue commission from someone on deviantART of their character. She is a wolf-like creature with a horn and wings on her legs, and her element is Ice. I really liked her design (even though I suck at drawing wolves), so I had fun doing this.

    I really love the background in this, especially the clouds. The icy rose came out really good, too!