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    Originally Posted by AceDragonite View Post
    i like how the gym leaders aren't confined to one type-is cali going to be in the next demo?
    It depends on how long the demo will be. She will probably be in though ;]

    Originally Posted by HeavyOctillery View Post
    Nice little spin on the GL type setup; reminds me of the Orange Islands Leaders.
    I'm glad everyone is liking it xD. Yeah, I liked how it worked in OI too.

    Originally Posted by SkyriderStas View Post
    Nice graphics! I hope alot of people would like it!

    I like it? hi
    I guess a bunch of people already do!

    Originally Posted by mr. ck View Post
    Looking at the screenies, not played the Demo:

    Tandor region...? Reminds me too much of a Tandoor :P

    I've been a fan of Uranium since a lot of time. Graphics are good... But the 3rd screenie, it looks a little weird... Those tiles need some work. Another weird thing is that the shadow under the protagonist is lighter than the road on which he is standing.

    Also the CBS is ugh weird... Mainly the graphics of the "Fight, Run...etc" buttons.
    Maybe it's only me, but the HP bar (only the green bar thing) does not contrast much with its background...
    Yeah, now that I see, I agree with you, those green light posts aren't really fitting the rest of the city. I'll solve the problem with the shadow too. About the CBS graphics, I think they're ok.

    Originally Posted by gadesx View Post
    I was defeated in the first route and then the menu don't work anymore.

    about the music, its cool these "tribal" style with the pokemon tracks,
    its will be better with a arrange in mp3. :p
    Anyone never reported that =/. That demo is pretty old and pretty much all of it's bugs were solved. And as mentioned in the post, it's not supported anymore.

    Since it has been some time since the last update, I'll be making a fakemon one, everyone loves to see them =p. I'll be showing how they looked before and how they are looking now. By the way, all of them were made by Zephyr+ ^^.

    Owten, it hasn't changed much because it has been revamped already before the big change and is looking good enough ;]. Worth mentioning though.

    Eshowten, that one sure changed a lot didn't it ;p?

    Barewl, one of my favorite fakemon, I just love him. (He is manlier than ever =p)

    Gararewl, another great revamp by Zeph, it's 1000x better than it was before.

    Grozard, same case as Owten.

    Terlard, he got a nice redesign as well, looks much better =].

    I guess thats it for now, but there is still a lot for me to show to you guys, sprite-wise and game-wise as well. Post your thoughts on them please, feedback is always great, and expect more updates soon ;].
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