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Well, i tried my first fanfic, and it was kind of a - okay, it was a complete - fail .
But after playing 3 series of the Ace Attorney series and realising not much of a
backstory to the Old Chateau in Eterna Forest, i decided to try and make a story
of a rookie detective trying to solve this case. I am trying to think of all the
little mysteries and surprising solutions, so i have took my time.
lets see if my second story can be better than my first (i hope it is )


"Not much is known about this mysterious disappearance of Gardenia,

there were no eye witnesses to this terrible accident, and many experts
are trying to solve it. Countless theories have been submitted to authorities
but none have been taken into account. Clues leading to dead ends and no-one
even knowing what Gardenia was doing isn't much of a help.
What strikes many as curious is the location of the disappearance.
The Old Chateau had a spooky demeanour and eerie mist to it without the
Gym Leader of Eterna missing. This occurrence has struck fear in many peoples
hearts, as this leaves Gardenia's home city in peril. Police are desperate
for any leads at the moment, anyone with information should contact them
immediately. What is the answer to this case? Kidnapping, Running Away,
or maybe Pokemon can provide the answer?
Many are stumped by this case, and as we leave you now the greatest minds
in Sinnoh are puzzled of this disappearance. Keeping track of this mystery
from Jubilife, see you next time."
Switching off the TV, PC sat on a chair in his apartment, looking
at a short list of notes written on a notepad. "Mum's disappearance", it
was labelled. PC looked out of the window of his Eterna City apartment,
he sighed and said aloud, 'Mum, where have you gone.'
PC has been trying to find some leads and was hoping the television show
that showed a special report might help, but it did not. The notes on the
pad showed little to none significance at the moment and Gardenia showed
no odd signs of behaviour and activity. This was completely out of the

PC is a just starting to be a parapsychologist, starting his career only six
months ago. He has spiky hair and is fairly tan. Male and optimistic,
he tries to think outside the box and is always optimistic. He normally wears a
suit and tie, making him look very sophisticated. At only 17 years old many look
down on him because of his age. He is trying to find the answer to the
mystery surronding his mother, but has not had much luck.
But little did he know that this rookie was about to delve deeper into this
mystery than all of the top detectives in Sinnoh.

I hope i have followed all the grammar, punctuation and spelling rules well .
please rate.
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