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    Originally Posted by xxashxx View Post
    The Latios does not show on your thread. Zyo is on SPPF remember? I remembered something though that could still deem it as legit afterall. I remembered that flash cards can't check forlegitamacy on PCNY event 10th anniversary events and I forget the other kind of events that can't be detected by flash cards. Only exe checkers like RNC has can check PCNY events. Almost forgot about that man. For now Raichupacabra is right about the PCNY Cacturne. If someone else says it is hacked and he or she checks it with an exe then we will know but for now we will leave it as is. What do you want for your Spain events? Thanks.
    Its there, look harder

    I'll let you know what I need from your list for my spain events
    Originally Posted by mpistool View Post
    I want the event pichu!!
    for a pokemon with pokérus??
    I only trade events for events
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