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    When it comes to crossovers, you've got three common potential scenarios if the writer is actually good:

    1. The series universes don't fit together, but the fic is crack. So, it doesn't really matter that the two universes aren't compatible and don't make sense because the fic itself isn't supposed to. (For example, attempting to blend Naruto and Pokémon. The two aren't compatible for a number of reasons: setting, the fact that Naruto is centered around "ninjitsu" fighting whereas the Pokémon universe discourages the practice of humans getting in on the battling, and so on and so forth. However, if you have Ash and Naruto driving their companions crazy in a ramen shop for absolutely no apparent reason, it becomes crack, so it doesn't matter that their universes don't logically fit together.)

    2. The series universes actually fit together, and the author addresses elements from both/all. (For example, you could actually get away with having the characters from The Wizards of Waverly Place show up in the same place as Harry Potter characters so long as you explain why they're there. The magic and the mythology can blend together as it is to come out with a product that makes sense, so the only challenge is bringing the characters together. In other words, you can actually get away with saying all of these characters live in the same universe because there's no real inconsistencies, so the only thing you have to do is get them to meet.)

    3. A character (or multiple characters) from one universe crosses over to another. (Usually done with the universes aren't compatible. For example, you could have Starfire wander through a portal and end up in the Pokémon world, and so long as you address the fact that she knows she's not in the same universe, you could potentially pull it off.)

    However, as a warning, there's also two scenarios that happen if you're not that great of a writer. These are the common pitfalls when it comes to crossovers:

    1. Same name; different character. For example, there's an abundance of Naruto/Pokémon "crossovers" which are just Pokémon original trainer fics centering around a new trainer named Naruto. This is in no way a crossover because this is all just dealing with one universe -- not even one that's actually multiple universes blended together.

    2. Unintentional crack. As in, the writer takes two incompatible universes and mushes them together without addressing that they're separate settings with completely separate laws of reality.

    Now, the reason why I'm telling you all this is because it's a long-winded answer to your question. Teen Titans and Pokémon aren't set in the same universe (or potentially the same universe), so the characters don't play by the same rules, so to speak. Whether or not it works, then, depends on what you do to blend the two together.
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