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    It will only let me download the spanish version, and I can only understand two languages: english and engrish, and that's the problem, it does not have the english version posted, worse, you can't patch a spanish hack on an english rom, or vice versa, as it turns the screen completely black on loading the emulator

    Originally Posted by The Who? View Post
    LOL... pokemon black and white just were announced in japan.... 0_0... do you have ESP...
    Actually no, this hack was in production months before we saw the first Gen 5 Pokemon, in fact, this was made before HG/SS were even released in Japan
    Originally Posted by jerkyjoe View Post
    Why are the best looking hacks in other languages? Your tiles are FANTASTIC.
    That's the thing, Spanish hackers hack Ruby, while english hackers hack FireRed, and I never even liked FR/LG (they were too much like the original R/B/Y, HG/SS was a diffrent story, as they were not just remakes, they were a whole new adventure, well, almost) and there's another problem, well, just read my sig, While I have no problem with 3rd gen hacking, it's just that, THEY'RE ALL FIRERED AND NOT THE TITILUAR 3RD GEN GAMES OF R/S/E!!!

    And another thing is that the states and the UK have no hacking websites for Pokemon, we only have the (very small) PHO, and we have the Pokecommunity Forums, that's all we have in english, everything else is a spanish inquisition

    *suprising sound with guys in red clothes entering the room* NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Me: Uh, I was not talking about you, I was talking about WaH!

    Spanish Inquisition: CURSES!!!!!

    Originally Posted by U_Flame View Post
    Quick question: Is there an English version of this updated version? Thanks.
    No unfortunatly, then again, neither does Naranja, and that is because it was never finished
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