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    Pokemon ShadowStone

    A thousand years ago there was a comflict between Arceus and Darkrai, the greatest battle since Groudon and Kyogre. To solve the problem, the four greatest trainers of the time, Lance, Drago, Minerva and Pike, locked up the two legendary pokemon in different sides of the Darkesonne region. They were both guarded by powerful wild pokemon, both to ensure that no one would harrm them and that they would never escape.

    You are a boy or a girl living in Little Ville, your hometown. A rumor has recently been heard - That Darkrai is free, and that he is seeking Arceus so he can destroy him - in your hometown. Whowever has started this rumor has not been seen in the last month. Prof. Pike (the decendant of Dorian Pike, one of the four great trainers one thousand years ago) offers to give you a pokemon so you go out and see if these rumors are true. Near the next town, there is a sighting of Darkrai. You immediately go back to Prof. Pike and he gives you a pokedex and then you're an official trainer and catch pokemon and battle gyms, etc