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    This was a pretty interesting episode. I personally liked the intro; it's pretty nice.

    Brock goes extra gaga for Officer Jenny...haha. Too bad Happiny couldn't hold off that Metagross while he was falling for her.

    I knew Happiny was strong, but carrying that much ice...that's crazy!

    Magnezone and Metagross, interesting pair. And TR wanted them to join their cause. You know, that would've been cool...

    Pikachu and Pachirisu giving off that much electricity. Kinda like what happened in The Rise of Darkrai.

    And Ash pulls out Gible, which uses another failed Draco Meteor, hitting Piplup once again. And while Piplup is running from Magnezone and Metagross, Gible is trying to bite Ash's head off.

    Interesting episode. I hope this series would be good.

    Ash. Dawn. Brock. Irvine. Contest. Gym Battle. Roses. This is...The Prism City Saga

    We can make a Pokémon Concert! All we need is Jigglypuff to sing...wait, that would be a bad idea because we would all fall asleep, Jigglypuff would get mad and then it would draw on all of our faces...yeah, let's not do that!

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