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Originally Posted by simdu68 View Post
wow it's great! I love ur story
and nice screens also, not many but good ones, it is promising
and don't forget if you need help for tile(as you already asked me once) just ask again I'll help

so good luck! keep up the good work
Thanks. And I just noticed that I stuffed up majorly when posting the screens. I posted 3 of the same ones :/

Well that's what happens when your in a rush at 2:00 AM

Also thanks for your comment. Really appreciated.

Originally Posted by Curt_09 View Post
Uh oh, Scenic Productions--potential alert!
Well, I must say I've never heard of story in which a key element is a berry. Maybe we'll finally get a good Darkrai hack as well. Looking at the features, this looks to be close to a Nintendo-style game--I like. There used to be too many "blah blah get 8 badges beat evil team blah" hacks in Progressing Hacks, but now I feel that there may be too few. I look forward to seeing this make progress and get even better.
Hah, well the Scenic Productions team has alot of skilled hackers, so this hack might have some cool features.

Also thanks for your comment.

Originally Posted by TheChroniclesofLance View Post
that probably has to do with the type of Rom the hack is based on.

FR/LG- has team rocket. Not really on the evil scale with Team MAgma/Aqua who are willing to capture legendary pokemon. In FR it just isn;t a normal part of the story. The main focus is to get the badges. since it is not a main part of the story, so it is easier to not add it when hacking.

for R/S/E the reverse is true
I haven't added much of the evil organisation into the story, as they won't be around as much in the hack. Yes they'll be around in major events, but no they won't be around as much as Team Rocket and Team Aqua/Magma were.