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    Hey Pwnobi, I'm interested in:
    ♂ TYROGUE Lv. 1 UT
    [OT: Jasmine] << TwlightBlade
    Mach Punch / Fake Out / Foresight / Bullet Punch

    ♂ BREELOOM Lv. 100 @ Toxic Orb
    [OT: NATE]
    Seed Bomb / Spore / Focus Punch / Substitute
    HP:244 / ATK:389 / DEF:171 / SpA:127 / SpD:136 / SPD:208

    DONPHAN Lv.100 @ Leftovers
    [OT: *****]
    Earthquake / Stone Edge / Ice Shard / Seed Bomb
    HP:350 / ATK:372 / DEF:276 / SpA:113 / SpD:156 / SPD:157

    CMT to see if you can think of anything i can do for you.
    My p0kemon 13lack Fr1end C0de<-mouse over it.
    offering EV training for trades worth the time
    pm if you can help a trainer out with...
    Any flawless pokemon
    pref Untrained but will take Trained as long as they are well trained and not fodder for my berriless bags
    i am accepting clones at this point... got to rebuild a force so i can pass the time and relax on the GTS randoms.
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