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Originally Posted by Luke View Post
I'll admit it. Marcin's dancing old man attracted me to this thread.

Anyway, if you guys need any H-Staff assistance, I'll be willing to offer my assistance. Like if you need some restructuring/adding of sub-forums/whatever that needs to be approved in HQ first, I don't mind being your lackey. This was the forum that actually brought me to the Pokecommunity in the first place and I'd love to see this place super duper active again. I'll admit that my attention span at the moment is pretty limited so if you all could give me a short-ish summary of what you're looking do, the problems with the forum in the past and anything else I need to know. I have a knack for fixing up forums on here (Strategies & Movesets, DPPt to an extent) and would love to help you guys as well.
Yay for my dancing man getting attention. ;P But cheers for helping out. =)

I guess as mentioned by people before the main things that would need changing about would involve removing the not-used-for-years-and-is-pointless-according-to-grand-plans Revision Bin section... as for the fanfic archive that may need more discussion - IMO I'm for it being a place where completed fics go (because it'd be nice to have them stored as a memento and tribute to the author for finishing something, particularly with chaptered fics - and if one wants to bring back the fan fic of the month thing then that could always be done as well I guess easily enough... =/)

And also as Delusions of Originality said, would the following be possible:
If you want to go to the admins about making it more visible, see if there's a hack or something that will make the rules thread always appear as though it is unread, or at least let you use bold formatting or something in the title.
ALSO IN TWO DAYS I will post that Plot Idea discussion thread of doom so here's a repost again of what the first two posts will be throw in suggestions (and I can always edit afterwards as well so no biggie if you're dead for the next two days as well). Any stuff that needs rewording or things that could need adding for instance.

The Plot Bunny Thread

Welcome to the Plot Bunny Thread. This thread is simply to post any story ideas you may have and receive feedback on them, or perhaps help provide feedback to other people’s ideas.

Some things to note before posting:

  • The more detailed the summary of your idea, the better. Simply saying ‘trainer fic where the main character has a broken leg’ provides less information for people to work with as opposed to actually mentioning how, for example, the broken leg will affect the character in the story, how it happened, etc. Of course you needn’t have to go into such detail, particularly if you are unsure you want to reveal so much information about your story, but generally the more the better. This also includes what you are basing your story off (e.g. the anime, or the games, or maybe a specific manga) and things like that.
  • The above is also the case with feedback. Responding ‘I like the idea’ for instance is…nice to know, but not helpful and is spammy (and spam [short pointless annoying messages] is against the forum-wide rules). Rather, mention what you like (or dislike) about the idea, offer advice/suggestions, ask a question if you’re curious about a point… basically, in-depth discussion of ideas is encouraged here, so don’t be shy.
  • Before you post your idea, please check the next post which contains the Plot Bunny Guide *insertlinkherewhenposted*. It offers some basic things to consider about your idea before posting and also how to come up with/develop ideas, and may very well be of help to you.
  • Don’t argue and be civil – please don’t ask people to get out of the thread or whatnot because you may not agree with each other, or outright say someone is stupid for having such-and-such an idea, and so forth. If there happens to be flaming going on remember it’s better to report and leave it for a mod/higher up to deal with it, not you.
  • This isn’t restricted to Pokémon fics – any fandom-related (or original story) ideas can be discussed here – note though that one is more likely to get more feedback on Pokémon fics because this IS a Pokémon forum.
  • Please don’t advertise if you decide to go ahead with it and use it in a fic – save that for your signature, as advertising is against the rules.

And with that, post away!


Story Ideas Guide

Got a story idea that you think will take the world forum by storm? Or maybe you are unsure about how much potential it has or indeed if it’d make for an interesting story? Alternatively, you may be unsure how to develop an idea or find inspiration? Whatever the situation, the Guide may or may not have something that will help you. To find out…well, read on!

Why is Plotting important?

Why indeed? Because chances are if you jump into a story blindly, you stand a bigger chance of running out of steam/ideas before you’re done, and the story will add itself to the ever-growing mound of unfinished stories out there. Furthermore, plotting and planning out even the bare bones of the story gives you a better idea of what the story looks like and may help you catch some potential plot holes or problems earlier rather than later. And it tends to be easier to fix it in the planning stage then when you’re halfway through your fic realising you’ll have to either change your idea or go back and edit.

How to Come Up with the Plot

The first step in making a story tends to be considering what the story is about – what characters, what happens, and so forth – but the first problem is coming up with those things in the first place, and how to do that. First thing you should probably consider is to not rush your plotting – it applies to writing, and should apply to your plotting. When you think of a detail or event to use, take the time to consider the implications of it. As for finding inspiration or ideas to use - there isn’t any sure-fire way that guarantees a good idea to come about – every person is different. Maybe listening to music helps you think, or going for a quiet walk? Mind-maps or the sort can help to give you a method to see your ideas and organise it out as well.

A good approach to begin with is to go for a top-down approach – that is, start from the big picture (the general story idea itself), and from there work out the smaller details/factors of the story. The problem with trying to start with a small idea or point is that it’s harder to build a small moment or event into something big. However, if you do think up a character or event that interests you but are not sure how to use it – make a note of it! Write it down in a document or notebook and save it for future reference and maybe even use.

The Plotting Itself – Consider the finer details!

After you have the general structure fleshed out, reconsider the smaller details to see if they make sense and how they'll add to the story and work together. So to speak - you've laid down the framework for the metaphorical house which represents the story - now you've got to check out the windows and doors and furniture you put in so you don't end up with the front door sticking out of the roof and the toilet in the kitchen.

For instance, the idea may be ‘Midway through Character X’s adventure through the jungle she encounters a legendary Pokémon Suicune and catches it!’ On the face of it, it seems pretty exciting – jungles, Suicune, trainer has a legendary, stuff’s going to happen.

However, it’s not going to be as simple as that for the reader to take in their stride. How likely is catching a super-rare one/few-of-a-kind Pokémon going to be? Why would Suicune not just run away instead of letting itself get caught? Why did they meet in the first place – fate, chance? How would that affect the rest of the story – how would other characters react to the character having a Suicune? How long would this story be? By considering these things you can build on the idea, flesh it out, as well as figure out for yourself if it’d really make for a good idea or not, and hence a good story.

Overall though there are a lot of points to consider, even if the idea seems simple. Breaking it down into parts:
  • The Genre and Style

Generally, the genre means what is the type/category the story falls under. Figuring out what your story is going to be like and what type of story it is is something better done early on. No point trying to plan a story if you don’t know if it’s a comedy or a tragedy! Consider what genre it would be, and from there decide what features in your story make it that genre, and then write to it.
  • How believable is the story?

This is a rather important point to consider – how believable is the idea going to be for the reader? In other words – how feasible/likely are the events in the story? Generally the more exaggerated and unlikely the events the less believable a story will be – such as say the protagonist finding a Rattata in Kanto is far more likely than a shiny, abandoned Piplup which knows Hyper Beam there.
  • Story length and format

You’d want to figure out as well how the story will be written and how long it may end up being. Is it a one shot, or a full chaptered fic? What point-of-view will it be written from – say 1st (from a character’s perspective) or 3rd (narrator’s?) Maybe it’d be written in a diary format? Whatever the choice it will impact the delivery of the story. Remember however that a story should be as long as it has to be to tell the story.
  • Characters involved?

Basically, consider who will be in the fic. Are they OCs/self-inserts/etc, or canon characters? In the case of the latter appearing also consider how they act in your story and if this is in line with how they act in canon – for having a smoking, swearing, sword-wielding Professor may be an awesome thought, but not if this is what you call Professor Oak – it’ll hurt the aforementioned believability part and just look silly.
  • The finer stuff – Character reactions, consequences, etc

Once you have the general concept down and you are generally satisfied with it, you can work on the finer details. Keep a clear idea of what you’ve thought of so far, and consider how character reactions to events would go, how the events are portrayed and how they affect everything relevant in the story.
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