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Originally Posted by Sarcastic Prince View Post
The plot of this Hack is much better than ANY of your Hacks.
So, it's kinda awesome that you wrote that.

Most important of all, the maps and scripts are also nicely made.
Good luck.
Thanks for your comment. I tried to write as best as I could.

Originally Posted by Cynder The Bloody Angel View Post
hmmm looks pretty awesome i like the new tilesets
will you insert new Pokemon /D/P/P) or your own ?
anyway i subscribe to this i cant wait to see what cames next =D
Yes, I plan to insert D/P/Pt Pokemon.

Originally Posted by agentgeo View Post
This looks like a really good hack! I can't wait to play it! Man, I wish I could insert tiles, I don't get it. But, it looks to good!
Well, check some tutorials out, maybe they'll help you. Thanks for your comment.


I scripted and mapped Route B (the route right of Bloom City) and scripted the people and the Rival Event there.

Also, yes the starters are Dratini and Bagon, so in the end result you'll both get a Dragon/Flying type Pokemon, that is if you decide to keep it. So if you choose Bagon, he gets Dratini and vice-versa.

Thank you guys!