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    Personally, I don't think that TR's Rockin' needs to be up there. Oh, I love the site and it was a godsend when I was working on the MissingNo. chapters, but I don't think that everyone needs to know about old glitches. Not many people choose to include those in their stories, I've noticed, and it seems a little too specific to be useful for most people. Unless I'm mistaken, there are a couple of guides there on writing fanfiction, so you may want to link to the site as a whole and list it as "guide resource/Glitch encyclopedia/time waster akin to TV Tropes but with cosplay". [shrugs]

    EDIT: Agreeing with Delusions in that Veekun should be added, but I've never used Psypokes. That said, should we list TV Tropes? On one hand, it is a valuable and witty resource of the conventions of writing, story, and character, but it is also an extraordinarily fun time waster as I mentioned before. Is it important enough?
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