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    UPDATE: I can’t believe I didn’t update at all through the entire month of May. D:

    Nekoban Ryo redesign, STILL in progress: I still have yet to finalize Nekoban Ryo’s new design, but he’s looking better. :)

    What happened to this Mew?: After seeing several Mew tweaks, I decided to create my own. It’s a Psychic/Dark-type Mew.

    Mijumaru Sketch: Not only is this the first pic I've drawn of Mijumaru, but it's also the first 5th Generation Pokemon I've ever drawn. The pose isn't very original, but that's common amongst my first-time Pokemom drawings. It's just a rough sketch, but I figured I should upload it since I hadn't uploaded any real drawings in a while.

    Sun Beast: I had a dream a while back. In the dream, a big orange dragonish (very serpent-like, as its body was really long) creature with the face (more like a mask) of a lion mixed with a sun and big eerie cat-like eyes had passed right through my bedroom window and slowly (VERY slowly) drifted through my house, to the living room where the next window was, then it passed through that one and left. I remember telling my mom to stay away from it because she would die if she touched it. I knew it represented an immense heat, possibly that of the sun itself. When I awoke, all I could think was "Huh, that was an interesting creature...." so I figured I should sketch it while it was fresh in my mind. It wasn't as fresh as I thought, but I got the basic idea down. However, it doesn't seem near as eerie in the sketch as it did in the dream and I'm pretty sure I had left out several features (such as the amount of whiskers). To make up for it, I put little arrows and notes all over the place saying stuff like "but even creepier" and "not a good thing." I later (not too long before before I uploaded this) decided to try to make a cleaner pic, possibly more detailed, on my computer. I only made its face but, while it does share some similarities with the beast in my dream (though very little as I still didn't capture the eeriness or even the colors), it looks more like a tropical punch mascot. :/

    HeavenEarth Starter, Xyawhon: I've not been drawing much lately. Over the course of the past few weeks, whenever I'd try to draw a human-like character, it wouldn't work out. I remembered today that whenever I usually can't draw human characters, I'm a bit better at drawing creatures like Fakemon. Since I had recently revived my HeavenEarth project, I figured I would try to redraw some of my Fakemon in better poses for the game. First one I decided to redraw was this thing, Xyawhon. Xyawhon (Zai uh wahn) is a Dragon/Flying starter in HeavenEarth Version. Rather than sticking with the typical starter types, I decided to use Ice/Water, Dragon/Flying, & Electric/Ground. Xyawhon is listed as the Small Drake Pokemon. Its name might be a reference to zircon, a type of crystal (notice the diamond shape on Xyawhon's head). Of course, this is not the finalized art, but is probably the most I'll do with this image. I really want to get another Sugi-style artist in the project...

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