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    Congratulations on your shiny Pidgey, Runa! Adamant is a really decent nature for the Pidgey family. And I truly hope you keep it has a Pidgeotto; shiny Pidgeot is not nearly as nice. :p

    As for me....well, people...I've done it!

    Actually, for about nine hours now, I have done it.

    Last night at about 11:16 PM, my 50th shiny appeared on my FireRed. It took 5,086 encounters, so it appeared VERY quickly for me. And I am very happy about that.

    And what is the shiny you ask? is...


    It took four years, and countless amount of hunting, but I've done it. I now have 50 of my own 1/8192 shinies. Although this number is large, and I am more the delighted with every last one of my shinies, I am not yet satisfied. There are many more shinies I wish to obtain. Oh no, my friends, 50 shinies is not enough to appease me! :p

    Here is the video for those who wish to watch:

    Another fire-type shiny?

    Thank you for all the shiny hunters here that have supported me thus far, and good luck to you all as well. Hopefully next up will be shiny Riolu...

    Credit goes to ShinysHunters Forum for the image.

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