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    Originally Posted by Galukxy View Post
    Wow..your art is so Amazing :D
    Thanks! ^^

    Originally Posted by Late View Post
    There's only few little things that I don't like. First thing that my eyes saw was the trainer and I think there's something wrong with the pose. Second thing is something that I have said already once. It's Typhlosion, I don't like the way you draw it but it is just me. It's my favorite Pokémon and I want it to be like it is without much difference.
    But still, it's amazing drawing and I couldn't do anything like that even if I wanted. (I could maybe draw that but I'm not good with colors, I would make it black and white. Maybe I could try to do it and send it to you XD)
    Huh, I don't see anything wrong with the trainer, myself. I used a photo of myself for the pose, so unless I'm double-jointed or something... xD And yeah, it's fine that you don't like the way I draw Typhlosion, but I personally love it, so it's not going to change. Plus, my Typhlosion in the picture has more fur than normal Typhlosions, so that may be it. I'm still glad you like it, though!

    Originally Posted by Rilence View Post
    Well I liked the fact how her Typhlosion turns out to be more canine looking, it's cool :)
    And I def love it more now as she added the blue back of Typhlosion.

    I'm officially your fan!
    -Takes out pen and paper and starts running for signatures- x33;
    Thanks! xD *flees*

    Originally Posted by eveelution View Post
    [Vs. Lugia Image]
    Is that a giant bell in the background to the left of your Pidgeot!?

    Also, all your art is truly amazing. Truly amazing.
    Yeah, it's one of two bells that are in the Whirl Islands at the place where Lugia is summoned in HG/SS. ^^

    Originally Posted by Eeveon View Post
    Oh. My. God.

    You're art is so freakin' amazing. It's art like this that makes me want to get up and draw myself, even though I can't. XD It's just... so amazing! 8D

    I love all of your work, but my favorite is [Pokésonas Image]. Not only is it cute, but it's hilarious. (pikachu in the back)

    I can't wait to see more of your work. :>
    Thank you! ;w; I'm glad you like my stuff! ^^
    Anyway, here's another drawing in my Vs. Legends series; Vs. Celebi.

    Not as epic as my other pieces, but it's still nice. ^^

    This piece takes place in the Ilex Forest, at the shrine in the middle of the forest. Celebi used its power to summon vines that trapped me and Raijin (my Ampharos), and its firing an Energy Ball at my Umbreon, Lucine. Lucine is dodging for the time being, she isn't charging up an attack yet. I'm also in the process of letting my Pidgeot, Lani, out of her ball, which is why she's only half-formed. xD

    I had a lot of fun doing the 'coming out of the PokéBall' effects. I also like the glowing effects and shield I made around Celebi.

    Johto Legends are now done! Onto Kanto~