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    Wow, congratulations! 50 shinies, dayum... I'm not as fervently commited to Shiny Hunting as I am to perfectionistic breeding (500+ hours in both my gone Sapphire and my Pearl mostly out of that) and I have yet to get a Shiny from that method. *Sniff* Over 5000 Torchic eggs in Emerald and no Shiny.
    Never got to finish that hunt, since my old Pokémon games were stolen a long time ago (along with the two Shiny Tentacruel and a Crobat I had back then)
    These days, I have, uh... Five Shinies! (not counting Gyarados)
    1/8192 - Tentacruel, Floatzel (trade with a trusted friend), Pidgey
    1/500 (if I'm not mistaken about the Radar) - Staraptor (one of the best shinies ever), Crobat (Radar'd him because I used to have one a long time ago on my Crystal - and along with that, a Poliwag from a Gold ROM a looooong time ago... Was my first non-Gyara Shiny. Good times.

    ...Still not even nearly as many as you have. I commend you for your efforts and sticking to the big 2^13! I plan to follow that plan - breeding for good IVs gives me an excuse to hunt that way. (I'll ignore the Masuda method exists).

    As for evolving Kirazu... I'll have to investigate, see which sprites I think look better. I also have an awkward tendency to start liking the final evolved form more than the one I previously preferred (I was scared by Shiny Crobat and wanted to keep mine a Zubat - my opinion changed after a while, somehow).

    Anyway, I'll be lurkin' and trekking through Lavender! *Salutes*

    EDIT: Shiny Pidgeot looks AWESOME from the front (in HG/SS, that is). I'll have to check which back sprite looks best (since that's what you're stuck with, most of the time).

    EDIT2: Yeeeeeah, I'm going to evolve her into a Pidgeot. While I have higher regards for Pidgeotto's design, Shiny Pidgeot benefits from better colouring and a better back sprite pose - I find it properly fitting for a female.

    Also, what do ya think of my new signature card?
    The symbols that pop up for each Pokémon signify how it was acquired:
    Leaf - Wild encounter
    Sudowoodo - Reset
    Pokéball with arrow - Trade
    Egg - Breeding
    Pokédex thing - Radar
    Super Nerd - Nintendo assistance - turned on in conjunction with the egg to indicate Masuda method or with the Trade symbol to indicate event shinies like the Shiny Zigzagoon from Pokémon Center establishments or the beast shinies (new movie in Japan, free Shiny Suicune/Entei/Raikou if buying the ticket ahead of time)

    I guess you could also do Sudo + Nerd to indicate the Shiny Gyarados.

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