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Originally Posted by elarmasecreta View Post
I'm editing the tiles as we speak, I'm going with more natural colors Kylodove used. I think it'll look really nice once all the tiles match.
alright, cool. thats good. looking forward to when they match.

Originally Posted by Pichuichu View Post
I Created the game and i help map too i help plot and maybe other stuff other than that don't know. i need help with the game.
wait...DUDE. the game isnt made, so you didnt create anything but the title and those couple sentences of a piece of a plot o.o. thats why i said you need to make the plot before you try and make the game. right now, as the creator, youve done significantly less than those helping you. game creation isnt a job that has supervisors. everyone on the team needs to do a fair share, otherwise they run the risk of being booted from the team in the long run. do some desiging, character design, new items [make sure they're useful if you do that though], SOMETHING, but if you cant script, you have no plot, and youre doing the mapping [which isnt much to be honest], then there needs to be SOMETHING else youre doing. if the people on your team are fine with it, then oh well, thats fine by me. im just saying i find it a bit unfair for you to eventually just end up supervising, and that eventually if people actually do come along and help, you may very well get dropped from the team if you dont start really crackin down and helpin out big time, not just the mapping and the plot.

thats just my view on the matter, take it or leave it. good luck with the game either way