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    Originally Posted by zappyspiker View Post
    -Speed Runs - Fastest Time
    -Combined Challenges - Combining 2 or more challenges together
    -Gym Leader Challenge - Playing the game using only pokemon a specific gym leader uses.
    -Moveset Challenge - You pick the team you play with but other members choose the moveset
    -Habitat Challenge - I liked WriteThemWrong's idea with pokemon in the same habitat (Grassland Pokémon, Forest Pokémon, Water's-edge Pokémon, Sea Pokémon, Cave Pokémon, Mountain Pokémon, Rough-terrain Pokémon, Urban Pokémon)

    -Egg Group Challenge (Though I probably want to do this one).
    Your team may only consist of Pokemon from the same Egg group
    There already are Gym Leader Challenges.