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Originally Posted by krillian View Post
Nice! a manga hack, I am making one as well, So you paly as Gold and who else....

I would like to know, will you be getting a pichu level 5 with spiky hair that knows Megablot, super rasing thunder, volt tackle, and thundershock

Will Red Green Blue and Yellow be in in.

Do you tarin with Red on Mt Sliver, will the emeraled arc be in it, and what about the HGSS arc

This hack will be petty easy to make, beacuse for half the hack you will be forzoen soil! have fun making it? can you make it you can chosse chiritia as well
well, you only play as gold, im gonna try to make pichu stronger then lv. 5 since he comes later, and no spiky hair, NO SPOILERS!!! . and those arcs will be put on different games (emerald arc on emerald rom, etc.) and no, you cant, tho it can be obtained along with totodile on a side quest

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