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Originally Posted by zappyspiker View Post
I could re attempt to do with the Habitat or Egg groups unless I could think of doing another Challenge.

I would do this Challenge but I don't know if it would work (Something tells me it won't work).
The Pokemon Special/Adventures Challenge. Where you have to choose the same team as a particular character from Pokemon Special/Adventures.
Or the same thing but based of the characters from the Anime.

Lol, I do that all the time. Currently on a Red run of LeafGreen. I refuse to do Yellow coz she also has Pikachu xD.

How about a "phobia challenge"?? Where you only do pokemon that would scare you in real life.

I.e. I would use bugs,dark types and rodents, as they scare me. Oh, and aquatic creatures. And birds. Coz I only really like mammals (marsupials aren't bad)

EDIT: I also tried starting a challenge where you only use one move, and it has to go on all your pokemon. No HM Slaves, must be able to gain that move (or a pokemon that learns it) before 2nd badge, trade for dragons and steels. You can use your other moveslots, but you must learn and keep the chosen move.

Sadly, it failed.
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