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    *sweatdrops* Well, now I know why I couldn't find the thread...anyways, yeah...I forgot about the last chapter. Plus I was a tiny bit lazy...oh, well. Let's finish this, right?

    Chapter 9: Gentleman's Goodbey

    Again, not even a mile away from Cynthia- to be exactly, just a few metres and floors, two psychics had made their way into ‘their’ hotel room, one of them slightly grumpy and uncomfortable, while at the same time trying to fight off the whole swarm of butterflies that inhabited her stomach, the other more relaxed, his arms crossed behind his head as he had slipped out of his suit and was now taking a shower.

    Sabrina forced herself to stare at her toes, not daring to look up at the warm light that came from the bath room. She was sitting on Karen’s bed and while she was glad that the darkling didn’t like perfume as much as another certain female colleague of her, who had made a whole business out of this, the scent that was so much not her own still hang heavily in the air and chilled her off. She felt cold, but not exactly because she hadn’t slipped underneath the bed sheet yet. She didn’t know the true reason yet.

    “You were right, there’s nothing better than a hot shower after being in the mountains for days. A kingdom’s nothing compared to the comforts of modern life. ..ehm?” Will blinked, realising that Sabrina didn’t look up, staring intensely at her feet as if they had suddenly mutated into something extraordinarily interesting. It wasn’t until he noticed how faintly red her cheeks had turned that he realized why she was acting off. “I’m not naked, don’t worry. There’re towels for a reason, you know.” He laughed, yet shaking with laughter was not the best idea when you weren’t exactly ‘clothed’ in a narrower sense...


    “Eeep!!!” Sabrina looked up and choked, blushing even deeper as her head nearly collided with the mattress as she was trying to find a hiding spot as soon as possible, cursing Karen and her idiotic sexist ideas loudly with every breath in words that did certainly fit the situation.

    Will sweatdropped uncomfortably. “Sorry...”

    “You better be...” Sabrina’s muffled answer came from the depths of the sheets, her back being the only visible part of her body anymore.

    There was a moment of silence as Will rummaged through his suitcases to find his night clothes. “You don’t like how I look?” He asked with the slightest tinge of a subplot, something he was sure Sabrina would notice.

    There was another pause until she answered in a surprisingly neutral voice. “It’s not that I *don’t* like it...” She whispered, a silent note to herself in that sentence that didn’t go unnoticed by Will though. ‘It’s more that I *do*...more than I wish...’ He didn’t comment.

    “You can get out now. I’m dressed.”

    She wouldn’t just risk it yet. “Sure?”

    “Very sure.” He grinned.

    Sabrina crawled out of her self-made cave and jumped out of the bed, walking into the bath room without trying to look at Will who had made himself comfortable in his own bed by now and was watching her. Still, she couldn’t help glancing at him and snickering. “Tell me one time when you’re not wearing something extremely formal.” Will shook his head while smiling. There was one time, but he would better not voice it for she was not in a mood for jokes.

    It didn’t take her long to finish showering, unlike some other certain woman, she didn’t believe in spending more time in the bathroom than necessary. She guessed that it also mattered that she hardly used any make-up. The only thing really eating up time was washing and combing her hair, for it was getting longer and longer. A bit too long, she mused sadly. One day, she would have to cut it, but that was certainly not today. And probably not tomorrow either.

    She entered the bed room again, unlike Will, she had undressed in the bathroom and was already wearing her night dress. “You look beautiful.” Even though he was grinning, Sabrina knew that he was being honest and couldn’t help blushing again. She liked being called beautiful, it wasn’t as if that had happened all too often to her yet. Men just didn’t seem to take much interest in a female that could read their minds and turn them into dolls...

    “You, too...kinda.” She answered, not really knowing what would have been a more fitting answer, so she just went with the easiest. Will laughed with a wink, letting himself fall back onto the sheets and closing his eyes. Sabrina glanced at a clock on his nightstand. It was almost midnight. She sighed, she was slowly getting sleepy as well, so she was better off trying to get to sleep soon, too.

    Flopping onto her bed as well, she nearly scared Will off who had been half-asleep already and was startled by the sudden noise of the bed next to him squeaking with the last of its strength as it tried to hold its pieces together. The man blinked, before smiling. “Don’t even think that Lance gave us some cheap second-class, three star hotels. The beds were in great condition...until Karen used them.”

    Sabrina snorted, musing that she should have known...

    Turning around, she faced Will and reached over to his bed. Surprisingly, the beds were not far away from each other, but Sabrina assumed that this was because the room was usually for couples and not for colleagues. Considering this, she had to be happy that it wasn’t a double bed. One, because she didn’t want to ruin her knee cap by kicking Karen again, and second, because she...

    Sabrina shook her head. Too many thoughts were spinning through her head right now.

    “Good night, love.” She whispered, kissing him as she turned off the lights before leaning back and falling back into her own bed.

    Will was still up, staring at her as he tried to work up the courage to ask her something. He had noticed it before, but now that she had changed clothes, it was even more visible. “Dear?”

    “Hm?” It wasn’t much for an answer, but he figured that she was still awake. Sort of.

    “I must ask you a question...I hope you don’t mind...” He coughed. Sabrina waited, but before she could voice her thoughts, Will spoke again. “I saw that mark on your neck...” A slight, silent gasp, but in the complete darkness of the room it could have been as well a loud scream for it was that audible. Will frowned, knowing that he had found the beehive. “I just want to know...who did this? Who hurt you? I...don’t want to see you hurt, so...” He trailed off, still staring at her.

    Sabrina was staring at her feet again, gripping the bed sheets between her cold fingers so hard the fibres were getting ripped apart. She didn’t want to answer, she really didn’t, her stomach was nearly turned upside down at the thought of giving him the right answer. How easy it would be to lie to him, he had no memory of what had happened, and it was unlikely that he would ever get it back. So, if Karen didn’t miraculously decided to interfere again, he would never get to know the true story.

    But she would lie to him again.

    “You. It was you.”

    He was silent. Stunned. “Wha...”

    “Karen had you under her control, remember? She made you attack me...I tried to escape by teleporting, I didn’t want to hurt and knock you out, so I had to use another strategy...yet you found me and strangled me. But it wasn’t ‘you’ per se, Will.” She sniffed. “You were controlled, it wasn’t your fault, it really wasn’t...”

    He wasn’t looking at her anymore. “I could have killed you.” He was shocked.

    Sabrina was as well. Her eyes had adjusted to the darkness by now and she could see Will staring with lifeless, cold eyes at his hands, the very hands that had grabbed her neck. He wasn’t wearing his mask and it made his face even more mysterious. She had to admit that even though she could call herself the one who had seen him the most without his mask on, she was still not used to the sight of his bare, naked and scarred face. He was different from all the other men she had come across so far, and it wasn’t overly his mask that made him unique.

    Sighing, she got out of her bed and knelt down on his, embracing him silently, letting her head rest on his shoulder and nuzzling into his soft lavender hair. “You wouldn’t have killed me. Never. You’re too soft to fight fiercely on your one, let alone kill anyone.” She whispered, smiling. “You would be a total failure at a serious psychic fight.”

    He turned his head around, stroking her hair and smiling at her calm face as he did so. “You mean I would be too inexperienced to put up any fight?”

    She paused. “No. You wouldn’t dare to strike me or any other psychic.”

    He sighed deeply. “True.” Another pause. “I’m too much of a gentleman to even touch a woman.”

    “Aw, now I’m disappointed.” Sabrina snickered before she could control herself, suddenly wondering why she had said that and what she had meant by. She coughed, but thankfully, Will didn’t press any further. Sabrina assumed that it still was some kind of shock for him to realize that he had been completely controlled by the dark trainer, his colleague of all things, and that he had tried to strangle his girlfriend in this state of mind. The psychic gym leader know that he would be close to blaming himself, but again, the question of true guilt couldn’t be answered completely in this case. Who could really blame him for trusting Karen? And Karen had, after all, still control of the situation and even Sabrina, who wouldn’t deny being biased towards dark trainers, doubted that the female elite trainer would have gone as far as having Will actually hurt her seriously. That was just a bit too much irony.


    She blinked. “Yes?”

    “Would you mind going into your own bed now? I mean, nothing against you, but I want to sleep and I doubt you want to stay in my bed and...argh, why does Karen have to have such crazy ideas?” He exclaimed, throwing himself backwards on his bed and closing his eyes angrily. Sabrina couldn’t help but snicker. She didn’t want to form the question, but there was something that told her that he felt slightly ‘uncomfortable’ by their closeness.

    But there was something throwing her off as well, and only now did she realized that it should have thrown her off a long time ago.

    “Didn’t you say that you had an apartment already?”

    Will opened his eyes again, his arms crossed behind his head. “I didn’t say anything, but yeah, I have one.”

    ‘Must have unconsciously been reading his mind then...’ Sabrina mused, amazed at how instinctively using her powers had now become. “...why do you sleep in a hotel room of all things then?!?”

    Will blinked, then giggled uncomfortably. “Well, you see...I have an apartment...but no furniture yet.”

    Sabrina nearly crashed into her own bed.


    Far away from the two couples that clearly enjoyed their night together, a lonely woman tried to get rid of the headache that was forming behind her head as well. She wondered if she should dare to take some pills that would reduce the pain- or not. J was experienced enough to know that all the industrial advertisement promises were just that- promises. If you wanted something to be done right, you had to do it yourself. Sadly, she was not a pharmacist; otherwise, she would know what to use.

    J sighed and let her head rest on her arm. At least Cynthia had not checked up on her yet. Something, maybe an instinct, told J that she was safe for the moment and that Cynthia would not bother her so soon anymore. Even better. She needed some rest for now. For now and the next weeks. Screw her waiting clients, she was going on holiday for now. Or she would visit a spa. Or maybe going to the sea. Whatever. As long as it was in Sinnoh and far, far away from Sinnoh’s league headquarters.

    The neon lights were bothering her, the darkness outside was bothering her, the freezing air was bothering her, heck, everything was bothering her.

    And Harry the henchman had the courage to go up to her and cough.

    She sighed. “Tell me what you want before this headache kills me and I randomly decide to drag you into hell with me.” At least hell was very likely going to be a place she could warm her cold butt up.

    Harry coughed again. “I have interesting, possibly profitable news for you.”

    Normally, the news of making money would make her jump out of her seat even if she was in a deep coma, but today, J felt more like a mummy. A very dead mummy, not a walking one like the ones in very bad C-Movies.

    Still, she sighed, and even that noise sounding like an arriving train in her strained brain cells, and she started to rub her temples again. “Speak.”

    “There are rumours that the three remaining crystal bells of the Tin Tower in Ecruteak City are being carried out for some restoration work. The transport of the bells is heavily guided and kept very secretive. Still, it should be no problem to break through it with the airship.”

    J had been on the verge of screaming and exploding at the mention of the name of a city in...this country, this damned country that had started all this crazy mess she had underwent. But she restrained herself in the hope that there might be some...well, hope. Some chance that even in her weakened state of mind, she would be able to start and finish this mission, this delicate arrangement that lay directly underneath her nose. She knew that there were some people who would certainly pay a convincing price for these bells, seeing as they were made of a mysterious, but rare and valuable material.

    “Remaining three...weren’t there supposed to be four of them?” She asked.

    Harry nodded. “Yes, but one of them was destroyed during an incident with some members of Team Rocket.”

    “Team Rocket...interesting. So they tried to get the bells as well.” J wondered if she should steal the bells and then try to sell them to Team Rocket herself, seeing as there was certainly interest on behalf of Kanto’s residential criminal team.

    But then, getting in contact with Team Rocket meant nearly as much trouble as dealing with Cynthia, and she doubted that she was in the condition to risk it. She couldn’t dare to make any kind of mistake, even with the soft cushion of Cynthia’s donation behind her head. Besides, hadn’t she already decided for herself to take a holiday now? One where she would let go of all stress and worries? Stealing wasn’t one activity that made her relax; it was rather the opposite, but she wouldn’t trade this kind of life for any other. Not even the legal way. Her brother had proved in more than one way that either way made you go insane sooner or later, with just the tiny difference that you were a richer madman if you choose the illegal way in the right moment.

    J waved her hand off, making Harry blink. “Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll take...well..” She sighed. They had earned it, somehow. “We’ll take a holiday now. Tell the officers and other henchmen that the next weeks are off from work. We’ll go...let’s see, where might we go...” She stared at the wall, going through Sinnoh’s landscape as she rummaged through her childhood memories. “Canalave City might be a good place.” ‘At the other end of Sinnoh...far away enough from Cynthia, I guess.’ J sighed. It wasn’t as if there was a place she could really hide away from Cynthia, even if she decided to camp on the moon, the Sinnoh champion would find some way.

    “Ehm, sorry to ask, but did I hear right? We have some days off...?” Harry’s eyes started to glisten.

    J felt disgusted, but then, she was too tired to say anything. “Yes, some days off...and don’t even dare to ask how many!” She hollered, her voice suddenly rising as her headache did as well.

    Harry scrambled off, leaving J alone in her darkly lit room, wondering for herself how many days it would take her to recover. Maybe she would never.


    The sun had risen early, due to the season of summer coming closer and closer, and the air was warm. A slight breeze was edging through the open windows, cooling the strong rays of light that touched the two bed sheets. A slender, pale arm had uncovered itself from the shell of the white bed sheet and was hanging loosely out of the bed, the hand equally loosely entangling with another, slightly stronger and bulkier one, though the difference was so minimal that no one would have guessed that the second hand belonged to a man.

    A slight groan escaped from one of the beds, its inhabitant starting to wake up. The sheets started to rustle, falling off the bed as the young woman pushed herself up and stared at the scenery around here, confused for a moment. “Hm, wait, tis ain’t mai room..” She whispered, falling into dialect for a moment before noticing it and chiding herself for it. She was a gym leader and even though the original accent of Saffrons was strong, it was not in her nature to use it.

    She had an excuse, though. She was still only half-awake. That didn’t mean, though, that the other person in the room had the same excuse.

    Yawning, Sabrina rubbed her eyes, smiling as she watched the few clouds high above gliding through the sky, white and fluffy as the rest of the sky was painted in a beautiful faint, soft blue. It was going to be a wonderful day.

    She started to look around the room, slowly starting to remember where she was and why she was here. She sighed, giving up cursing Karen. The night had gone by quickly and without any interruptions, she was glad about that. Not that she had really thought something would have happened, but it didn’t matter in the end. Now she just wondered if Karen had spent an equally good night in her room and if she really hadn’t forgotten anything in her old room. Who knows what Karen would have done to her stuff in case she found it...

    Glancing around, Sabrina noticed that Will was still asleep, lying on his stomach and hugging the pillows. She had to giggle.

    “Rise and shine, sweety.”

    “Mh...jus’ five mo’ minutes, kay, mum?” He mumbled, turning his head in the other direction and continuing to sleep.

    Sabrina frowned, yet she found his behaviour cute anyway and slowly and silently crawled over to his bed, which wasn’t all that hard considering that there wasn’t even a feet between them. She had grabbed one of her pillows and held it upright above her head, ready to strike at any moment.

    Will yawned and turned around again, lying on his back, his arms crossed behind his head. “It feels so early, doesn’t it, ho- wah!” He yelped as suddenly, Sabrina jumped onto his bed and hit his face straight with the pillow, engulfing him in whiteness and a tornado of feathers. Never mind that the staff of the hotel wouldn’t find it so amusing later to see their property destroyed by a love struck young woman, after all, Karen had already demolished their bed pretty bad, and they hadn’t complaint so far...

    “Take that!” She laughed, she laughed so hard that she nearly choked. Will was shrieking beneath the pillow, probably in shock, and she found that so amusing, so absolutely amusing. Never before in her life had she seriously tried to pull a prank on someone herself, always leaving that to Haunter and then laughing together with him. But now she had come with an idea by herself and even quite spontaneously, if she had to say.

    Slowly, she fell down onto her hands, the pillow still on Will’s face but not in her hands anymore as she tried to calm down and breath properly again. Tears were forming in her eyes as she shook her head. “You should have heard yourself! You sound like a girl! A scared girl!”

    Will took the pillow off his face, seemingly fighting with it, too, as he had no apparent idea how to get it off since he thought that Sabrina was still pushing it down. After a while, he managed to throw it to the side, staring at Sabrina with wide, shocked eyes. “What...?” For a moment, he was completely confused, but then, he realized his girlfriend’s prank and started to laugh, too. Suddenly, without Sabrina expecting it, he pulled her close to him, making her lose her balance. Her hair touched his cheeks and nose and fell over it like the sheets fell over the beds, covering it completely. The tips of their noses touched each other, and after a moment of shock, Sabrina started to giggle. They were acting like children. Big children in love, though.

    “Good morning, love.” He whispered, and kissed her, his hand stroking her hair and their tongues entwined in their own style of dancing.


    Until a scream interrupted them and made them both jump.

    Will blinked; he was sitting next to the bed, his legs crossed oddly over each other and half of the bed sheet wrapped around them. He looked to his side and found Sabrina still on the bed, although with the visibly emptier pillow on her head, hiding half of her face, making her look like a cross between a one-eyed pirate and a ghost.

    “What was that?” She asked, turning to him with the pillow slip still on her head. He had to bit his lip to stop himself from giggling, but then again, the shock of hearing the scream made his teeth clatter anyway, so he mused it wouldn’t matter anyway.

    “I don’t know. And I’m not sure if I want to look what it was either...”

    He nodded, but before he could come up with an answer, they became aware of the loud noise outside and finally, the words became clear enough to understand them.

    “...can’t be serious! This can’t be true! Oh please, don’t let it be true, I have a reputation to loose...” There was a whining in...Lance’s voice? Will blinked. There was a very similar ring in that voice that made him almost sure that is was indeed his boss, but he had never heard Lance cry like this and he had doubted that Lance would be even able to produce such degrading tones.

    They both froze though when they heard a second voice coming from down the stairs, clearly female and all too familiar.

    “Oh, Lance, sweet boy, you don’t have much more of a reputation to save, so you might as well walk out in the public and dance the Psyduck dance.” Cynthia. She was snickering. Sabrina felt herself shivering.

    Slowly, Will got out of his bed, and while Sabrina was worried about him going out with only his night suit- yes, he was wearing a kind of suit at night, too, she was glad that he was doing it, with her staying in the room and waiting.

    The door thankfully didn’t squeak as Will opened it, but what he saw could have made him squeak, too.

    It was Lance that was sure. But if Will had thought so far that pink hair was ridiculous enough that only the head of the state could get away with it, he hadn’t known.

    Lance was naked. Except for the pink, too scanty to be legal and too pink to be healthy and too plushy to be serious shorts.

    And there was the fact that Lance was wearing make-up, never even mind that it was ridiculously loud pink make-up. Even the make-up couldn’t cover up the false, overly long pink fingernails, though.

    All in all, Will guessed, the pink stilettos Lance was wearing were just fitting his new outfit, weren’t they?

    The psychic trainer burst out with laughter and fell back into his room, holding his stomach since he was cackling so hard it hurt.

    Sabrina stared at him with a hard to read expression, one eyebrow raised. “But otherwise, you feel okay, right?”


    Her little toy was free again, her little toy boy. To be honest, she wasn’t sad. Not at all. She was rather...amused. Poor Lance. There was a lot of explaining he would have to do now to his comrades, and to make it worse, there was not much he could explain to them. His memory was as scanty as his pants were and she, she would move a single finger to tell him the truth. There was no reason to, and neither could Lance blackmail her into doing that. Not as if he would, anyway. He knew her power, he knew it very well, and he would be a fool to attack her once again.

    Cynthia sighed on her way to the hospital, feeling somewhat empty and uncomfortable. She hadn’t announced her arrival, not to anyone, not even the doctors, so they couldn’t warn him anyway. But she supposed that he was right about to feel her anyway. As lousy as a psychic he was, there was no doubt in her that he couldn’t miss her auras, her white and, more obviously, her dark one. He would know that she was about to meet with him again, that she knew.

    Yet she didn’t know what he was thinking. Oh, how easy it would be to find out, but it was exactly that. Too easy. She was sick of things being too easy for her, she wanted a challenge. She already had undergone some sort of challenge, as her mission to manipulate Indigo’s league had backfired. Kind of. Again, it was a double-edged kind of sword. She had decided to come back to Lucian just because of her plan’s failing, and yet, she did not feel satisfied by the current events. Oh, well. She would find a way to get her satisfaction. Sooner or later, whenever.

    The doors opened by itself, never been touched by a finger of hers, but nobody seemed to notice. Silently, she strolled through the endless hallways, the doctors and nurses didn’t even seem to see her at all. Cynthia smiled, she knew why. Clouded in dark haze, she was nothing more than a transparent shadow for them.

    Finally, she arrived at a familiar door. She opened it and walked through without looking at Lucian, staring straight ahead at the window and walking up to it, watching the summer clouds hiding the sun in a futile attempt to make temperatures drop. It wasn’t working. Neither was her calmness, her attempt to cross out Lucian’s presence and continue to ignore him until his own nervousness would make him talk.

    “I’m back.”

    “I see.” He nodded, his eyes darker than usually. Cynthia shuddered. His tone was colder, much more successful at making her shiver than the clouds.

    “I’ve realized...some things.” Some peculiar things, things she had never been aware of before. One day, she would have to thank the psychic for it. And knock her out.

    “What about your plan?” Lucian asked, not even caring for the lesson she had learned. Cynthia snorted inwardly. This was hardly the behaviour she wanted to see from him, but then again, after all she had done to him, she had to expect it.

    “My plans are not longer of anyone’s concern. I’ll tell you once we’re out of here and on our way to Sinnoh again.” She wanted to sound cool and distant, but it was proving to be more difficult than usually. Maybe because she wanted to hug and kiss and embrace him more than anything, to melt into him and never be separated again. That was her only wish, and yet she couldn’t express it. At least not so openly right now.

    Lucian sighed and leaned back in his bed. He wondered why he had even decided to stay in hospital even after he had been cured, but deep inside, he had felt ill no matter what the doctors did to him and thus, he had convinced them psychically to keep him here. Maybe it was also because he was...frightened of Cynthia. He didn’t want to meet her in the hotel, much less spend the night with her in the same hotel room. Not that he would have found enough space to sleep there, from the rumours he had heard, his side of the bed was occupied by the league champion of Indigo himself, and Lucian doubted that he wanted to sleep on the carpet in front of the bed.

    “So...let’s be honest. Why have you come here again? I thought I was like trash for you, being thrown away as soon as I didn’t, couldn’t please you enough anymore. I see that you needed something new, and you got something new. Has Lance already become boring for you that you want to come back to me?” He knew how harsh his voice was, but he was hurt, hurt and bitter.

    Cynthia sighed and sat down on the edge of his bed, finally turning her gaze from the window. “No...not really, at least. I...have realized some things. Things like how love has to be stronger than usual quarrels, and how you need to take and give in a relationship.” She knew she sounded cryptic, and she wasn’t feeling bad about it. She would have enough time to tell Lucian about her whole experience once she was sure no one was listening. “There have been people who have shown me that even when you’re hurt; it doesn’t give you the right to abandon your partner. Sometimes, he’s not being at fault, and sometimes, he doesn’t know better. In such situations, it’s better to talk instead of fight, you know. That’s the lesson I learned today. Or rather, yesterday...” She smiled at him, yet Lucian didn’t feel as if he had understood her. But that was typical for his Cynthia...he was used to it.

    “And...?” He asked, with the tinge of being impatient in his voice, yet a small, mean smile played around his features.

    Cynthia leaned down, pulling him into her embrace and kissing his cheek. “Will you come back to me?” She whispered right into his ear, a soft brace cooling him.



    There was an uncomfortable silence in the breakfast room of the elite trainers and gym leaders, and yet it had nothing to do with the fact that this was the last day of the official meeting. There was an odd aura to it...and the main cause was a very grumpy Lance with cheeks as red as tomatoes, who flinched whenever the word ‘pink’ popped up, may it be on purpose or not.

    He had washed away the make-up and had re-dressed, wearing his usual cape and boots now, but the nail varnish didn’t want to go away so he had resorted to wearing gloves. His hair was naturally pink, so there was no reason to dye it, yet Lance seemed very intrigued to do that. At least for the moment, as long as people had the image of the ridiculously ‘pretty in pink’ champion. While no reporter had had the luck of catching a glimpse, or, even fortunately, a photo, the gym leaders and other elite trainers weren’t as reserved and reverent as Lance wished them to be, and word about his accident had spread quickly.

    Though Sabrina wasn’t so sure if she should be happy about the original source of the rumour spreading.

    “I really don’t think you should have run to Whitney the second you recovered from laughing.” She muttered, not looking Will into the eyes and staring at the plain, white wall.

    “I don’t see why not. I mean, don’t you think that even, or, especially, Lance deserves some humiliation now and again? And it’s not as if it really damages his reputation anymore...his affair with Cynthia did enough of that kind.” He leaned back wish a smug smile, closing his eyes.

    “You don’t even have proof...”Sabrina threw in.

    “So? You believed me without seeing it with your own eyes, now, did you?” He didn’t look convinced at all.

    “That’s because I’m psychic and can read your mind, silly. And yes, the image of Lance was pretty amusing. But nothing I would make fun of for the rest of my life.”

    “I’m not making fun of it for the rest of my life, you know? That would get boring after a while. And I sure hope that there will come some other interesting picture for me to take advantage of. You know, I have these powers now, too, so maybe I can use that.”

    Sabrina rolled her eyes. “Don’t get your hopes too high. Lance will probably try to find some way to protect himself from psychic and dark manipulation powers now that he knows the consequences of being too trusting. Don’t know how he’ll do that, but I’m sure he’ll get some personal bodyguards to take care of that, soon.” She glanced at him. “Never mind that you’re too weak to be a real threat to him, anyway. I, on the other hand...” She didn’t finish her sentence, either on purpose or because Janine had arrived at their table, sheepishly smiling with a hand behind her back.

    “Hey, you two!” Glancing at her dad, who was sitting far away at a table with the Bruno and Lance, she made sure she was allowed spend some time with the older psychic trainers. Never mind that she had had a particular crush on one of them...

    “I heard you managed to beat J! Congratulations! She’s really a mean woman.” Janine closed her eyes while Will and Sabrina exchanged a knowing glance. They wouldn’t tell Janine the true story; they wouldn’t tell anyone the true story. It was likely too much for the young, moral-bound ninja to take, and it was too dangerous to let anyone into this secret, for both of them knew how powerful Cynthia was. They didn’t want to drag any more persons into it, neither did Karen, who had kept surprisingly quiet about it. Though, maybe, it was not a complete surprise, as she had turned out to be more knowing than the two psychics in this case and still hadn’t decided to tell the officials about anything she had found out. It was, to some extent, calming to know that the case was sleeping for the moment, so to say. It was a sleeping beast.

    “That is true. Too bad she escaped. She can still wreck havoc that would have been better if we had managed to hand her over to the police.” Sabrina whispered, weighting each word after its moral and informational significance. She cast a glance at Will, who watched Janine without much of a reaction. Somewhere deep inside her, she wondered how he felt about her now, if she was still a friend, but then, she had no reason to doubt it. She only hoped that Janine’s crush would dwindle down and she would find real love soon. Well, granted, relatively soon, the girl was only fourteen, there was no desperate need for a steady relationship yet.

    Janine nodded “Lance would have been proud of you, you know. He likes you two as a couple, somehow.”

    “That’s because it gives the league more positive regards to late, more embarrassing affairs an advantage Lance can’t dare to oversee...” Will mused, words carefully chosen so not to anger Sabrina. He snickered inwardly. He hadn’t even mentioned ‘pink’ and/or ‘Karen’...

    “Hm, sure.” Janine smiled nervously. She still was unsure about her true feelings, for she still liked Will very much, but for the sake of her dad’s honour and reputation, Sabrina’s health and her own sanity, she had to suppress it. Deep inside the girl knew that this was an important lesson about love she had just learned, the lesson that you couldn’t always get what you want, no matter how intensely you want it, although she was still too young to grasp the whole intent.

    How conveniently that Falkner chose this moment to walk by and wink at Janine...

    The girl blinked and didn’t even notice the blush she gave off, as the two psychics glanced at each and chuckled.

    “Ehm, uh, I’ve do some things, some stuff, ehm...I’ll be off! Bye, you two!” Janine waved nervously at them while starting to run after Falkner in her usual ninja fashion, with the only difference that a real ninja wouldn’t bump twice into Chuck in an attempt to sneak up after someone...

    “Young love, isn’t it sweet?” Will asked, watching Janine’s departure.

    He didn’t see Sabrina’s sour smile. “Does that mean you consider me old...?”

    He had fallen right into the trap, and worse, he had made up the trap himself. “No, but Janine’s younger than you anyway. And nowadays, you can hardly describe tweens’ feelings as young love anymore, kids seem to grow up much faster...” After all, Janine was ten years younger than him, and that hadn’t kept her from falling in love with him. And he had considered ninjas to be the more reasonable kind of teenagers.

    She nodded, reminded of how she confused she had felt when her students had made their first, childish dates. She had passed that stage of life without making much of an entrance, and, even though it had been bothering her for a while, it didn’t seem to have much on an influence on her luck regarding relationships later in life. Excluding the various female rivals...

    Will turned to her again, a bit hesitant. “Since Cynthia’s leaving tomorrow...what are you going to do with the egg? I...don’t think you can keep it, but I have no idea what else to do with it, honestly.”

    Sabrina was surprised that he even remembered the egg, but then again, even she had nearly forgotten about it in the chaos of the recent days. Lowering her head and voice, she spoke. “Exactly. I don’t think I can keep it either, but what else? I can’t just give it away for free to some wandering trainer, that would look suspicious and would be irresponsible. So...for the moment, I have decided to take it with me and see what happens. It’s not as if I cannot own an Eevee, I’ll just have to find some excuse on how I got it.” She raised an eyebrow. “Just like you’ll have to convince Lance that you caught a wild Espeon by accident. Good luck on that, boy.”

    “I want to see how you will convince Lance that you managed to collect the money to buy one of the finest breeds of Eevee, and even more so one still having to hatch, seeing as these can imprint on their trainers much easier and are more valuable.” He smirked.

    “Touché. I admit, you nearly beat me there.” She didn’t look at him.

    “Nearly?” Now it was his turn to raise an eyebrow.

    “You’ll never beat me, Will.”


    The page did have his trouble carrying the monstrous bags and suitcases, and while it was obvious that this was his job, he wouldn’t have minded a little help from the gentlemen dressed in red, who had nothing better to do than let his right hand rest in his suit’s pocket and caress a book with his left hand, his eyes never leaving the yellowish, aged pages. The woman in front of him was equally uncaring about his strenuous job, from time to time running her hand through her blond, shining hair that flew around her face, blown by the fresh summer wind. The page grumbled. There she was, the great, majestic champion of Sinnoh, grateful, gratuitous and strong at the same time, and yet she couldn’t even move a muscle to help him with the dozens of bags that all needed to be carried into the plane as soon as possible, which basically meant lightning speed. The boy, not older than fifteen, moaned again. The only one who could manage that was a psychic...

    Cynthia glanced backwards at her ex- and now again, boyfriend, smiling without really meaning to. Lucian looked up, feeling the slight prickle on his neck her piercing stare caused. Making sure that the hotel boy was occupied, he walked up to her, keeping his path next to the champion and casting his look downwards. “Now, Cynthia...would you be so nice to tell me the whole truth?” He snorted. “You spend weeks on that plan of corrupting Indigo’s league, something serious has to have happened to make you abandon it.”

    Cynthia nodded, yet it wasn’t much more than a simple hint of a nod. “You’re right, I have been hiding the whole story from your until now, yet you must remember that I did promise you to explain it to you once we were alone.”

    Lucian rolled his eyes. “We might be as well now alone as ever before, so, shoot. Tell me, I’m dying to know the truth.”

    Cynthia shuddered inwardly at his bitterness and coldness. She knew he had every right to be mad at her, but that didn’t keep the pain from stinging. “Part of my plan involved, well...cheating on you. Disgracing you, to make the breakup less damaging for my reputation.” She noticed how Lucian kept rolling his eyes, his opinion, and that of a greater part of the public was that her affair with Lance had not only shaken the league, but also made her look like a total cheater. Who knows how that could affect her career as a trainer, too...

    She sighed. “You cannot image how much it hurt me to see you concentrating more on your precious books and manuscripts and magazines and lord knows what than me. It seemed as if a few black lines of ink were more important to you than your girlfriend, the woman who loved you, craved for you. All I wanted were a few words, a few whispers, just a few signs that you cared for me. But I never got anything. I was hurt, angry, bitter. And so I weaved the breakup into my greater plan, the one I told you about.”

    Lucian swallowed hard. He had never thought that his girlfriend felt so left out, that she thought he didn’t care for her anymore. He felt a knot tightening in his stomach, the words only coming out slowly and broken out of his mouth, which suddenly felt as dry as a desert. “I’m sorry...I should have...done something. Something, anything. I’m really sorry.” He bowed his head in shame. “I’m an awful boyfriend...”

    To his surprise, Cynthia giggled. It was a light sound, matching the bright sun in the sky above. “You’re not. Lance is much more of an awful boyfriend than you, seriously.” ‘Especially when he’s mind-controlled...’ Cynthia added silently.

    Lucian sighed, though Cynthia wasn’t sure on how to interpret his reaction. While it was quite easy for her to read his mind, she didn’t do that all that often, more occasionally that on purpose. And it was more fun to tickle the answers out of him than to have them served on a golden plate. It was more challenging. Lucian himself was more of a challenge than any other man she had met so far. Of course, one could think that this was because Lucian was the last elite four, right behind her, the most dangerous threat for her golden throne of championship. But this was not true, the other elite four tried to beat her from time to time, too, the most recent example being Aaron, but of course, they all lost. And Lucian himself hadn’t succeeded either, but this was not of any matter today.

    “And you know what made me change my opinion about you?” Cynthia asked sheepishly, winking at him with her visible eye, the one that wasn’t hidden by her silky hair.

    Lucian blinked. Of course he did not know, but this was what Cynthia had intended. “No...tell me, what happened?”

    Cynthia smiled. “I met- no, I rather watched some woman nearly scarifying herself for her boyfriend. He was controlled, he couldn’t do anything about his state of mind, he was too weak to fight it. I saw her fight him, I saw her getting hurt by him, yet, no matter what happened, no matter how life threatening the situation became, she never lost faith in him. And unlike life’s many other ironic outcomes, she was rewarded with love. She got him back, and their bond is now stronger than ever.” Cynthia closed her eyes. “That’s the tale.”

    Lucian didn’t look all too convinced. “That doesn’t tell me much more than I already know. Won’t you at least reveal to me who this mysterious couple is?”

    Cynthia winked. “No, sorry, that remains secret for now.”

    Lucian rolled his eyes, yet decided not to press any farther. If Cynthia didn’t tell him now, chances were high that she wouldn’t tell him any time soon.


    The whole train station was in a hurry, like a beehive in the middle of the summer, and it didn’t help much that temperature had gone higher and higher the whole morning, as if they wanted to reach an invisible point of no return. Similarly, a point of no return was reached for a couple as well...

    While most of the gym leaders tried hurriedly to say goodbye to each other, and not to mix up their luggage in the general confusion, Sabrina and Will stood aside of the trouble, both staring silently at the group that seemed to have nothing better to do than call off this meeting as soon as possible. Sabrina mused that after the great delay Team Rocket’s attack had caused and all the time the gym leaders had to stand each other, they were quite happy to return to their own lives, gyms and the freedom of isolation. Honestly, she couldn’t say she shared these ideas.

    <Goodness, the reporters could get the idea the league trainers really hate each other the way these guys storm off!> Will snorted. Sabrina nodded to him, allowing a small smile to creep onto her face as she noticed how much better he had gotten at telepathy in a matter of only days.

    <I guess it depends on the people who are departing. See, Janine doesn’t want to leave her dad at all.> She nodded to the younger girl who was in tears, cradled in her dad’s arms and gripping his clothes tightly. Koga sighed, not having the heart to scold at her for showing too much emotion for a ninja rookie. She was, after all, his only child and heir, and while she hadn’t been the best starting gym leader, she was slowly but continuously getting better at it. Having the help of her aunt at her side, who had recently returned from an intense training session in Johto, she had someone to watch over her. Sabrina hugged her arms closer to her body, even though it wasn’t cold at all. It was more of a reflex, as she felt cold when she thought about the incoming loneliness.

    <Shh...don’t be so sad. I don’t like it when you look so sad.> Will embraced her from behind, kissing her neck. That was one big advantage of telepathy; you could do whatever you want with your mouth and still talk.

    <Too bad. Because I’m going to look sad whenever I want to look sad!> She countered, but it wasn’t as funny as she wished it to be.

    Will sighed, rustling his hand through her hair. <You better get on train now, or else you’ll miss it.>

    That was the truth. Not that she liked the truth, though. <I don’t want to leave.> She paused. That was not the whole truth. <I don’t want to> She sniffed. She didn’t feel weak crying in this situation. It sort of made her feel more human, more alive. That was a feeling she hadn’t had in a long time...for nearly twenty years, she added mentally. She hadn’t been really human all that time, just a doll.

    Will’s embrace became tighter, just as she heard the engine of the train being started. <I don’t want to leave you either.> His telepathic voice had turned into a whisper and she was amazed at how perfectly he managed to convert emotions into it. It was an advantageous technique, one it had taken her years to learn and perfect, and she still had trouble using the right emotions. <But you have to. You have your gym, your students, your parents. You can’t stay here.> Their cheeks touched and she shivered at the unearthly warmness. <Even if I want you to stay here, too. > He let her go and straightened up. “You really have to go now. See, the next train leaves in three hours, you really don’t want to wait so long, do you?” He winked, almost knowing the answer already.

    <Well, I could wait with you. That would make the waiting time so much sweeter.> Will rolled his eyes.

    <No way. I still have to get the furniture into my new apartment. There’s nearly nothing there yet. You wouldn’t even have something to sit on, if you don’t want to sit on the floor. Never mind that I couldn’t offer you tea or something...>

    Sabrina shook her head, smiling. There he was, the young, soon to be rich bachelor, and he hadn’t even a chair to sit on yet. She guessed that was the prime example of how their league worked.

    “Hey, Sabrina, what are you waiting for? The train leaves in five minutes, you know?!” Erica screamed out of one of the trains windows, her headband nearly getting loose in the strong wind.

    Slowly, the psychic turned around again. “Well...I guess this is farewell, then?” She tried to smile as she walked up to the doors of the train, Will following her, carrying her bags like a real gentleman had to. They didn’t say a word as they walked over the grey pavement, both lost in thoughts. Sabrina opened the train door equally silent, biting her lip as she searched for fitting words. In the end, she decided, there weren’t any words that really fit the situation, and actions took over. She leaned forward, not caring that one of her bags almost feel into the dirt between the train rails, and kissed Will.

    <I love you.> She gulped, the words still feeling unfamiliar for her telepathic voice.

    Will smiled. <Love you too.>

    She turned around and looked for a seat next to a window on the train station side of the train, nearly forced to throw Misty out of her seat- something she wouldn’t have regretted so much, the girl had acted too weirdly around her and Will. Maybe she should take things into her own hands and play the matchmaker...

    Sabrina shook her head. Love was getting to her, there was no way she would be a successful matchmaker.

    “You’re going to be alright, right?” asked a soft voice opposite of her.

    Sabrina turned her head around, only now did she notice that she had taken the seat opposite of Erica and Janine. Dimly, she wondered why those two girls were sitting next to each other when there was plenty of space in the whole train, but that question was banished into the back of her mind.

    The psychic sighed. “I guess so. Will already promised to visit me some time in June or July, depending on when Lance gives him free time for the first time.” Closing her eyes and letting her head rest on her left hand, she sighed again. “He’ll visit me then as soon as it’s possible.”

    Erica grinned. “That’s okay. Separation can only make your bond stronger.”

    Sabrina raised an eyebrow. She didn’t believe Erica much; it was as if being separated from him already hurt, despite being only a matter of minutes.

    “I...hope so.” There was a rumbling as the train’s engine was prepared to move it and it was so loud that Sabrina almost wouldn’t have noticed the knocking on the window. Startled, she turned around and saw Will standing next to it while winking at her. She gave a curt nod to Erica and opened the window, yet the train had already started to move and Will nearly tripped as he run after her.

    “Stop!” She laughed. “You’re going to fall!” Which he did.

    Sabrina still shook her head, until she saw something black out of the corner of her eye. Blinking, she turned her head to it, to see a single, black rose slowly gliding out of thin air into her lap.

    “How cute!” Erica exclaimed, giggling.

    Sabrina smiled as well, holding the rose up to her face and letting its petals trace her skin. For now, all the troubles and life-threatening situations of the last weeks were forgotten, and only the good things remained.

    The End

    (And, as promised, the epilogue. It is not to be taken *too* seriously. Various RL persons that appear here [they know who they are...I hope], please don't be offended. 0=)


    Scene shows a garden bathed in the light of a setting sun, the garden is neither neat nor overly chaotic, a lot of wild bushed and weird flowers are around, giving unwanted intruders guests a lot of hiding spaces in case the owner of the house wants to shoot them.

    Suddenly, a blinding light appears in the middle of the garden, graceful, as pure as new fallen snow, truly a gift from the angels- and suddenly, a lavender-coloured Absol falls out of the light onto its butt.

    Granted, we know that it’s the Absol from the last epilogue with the weird accent, since how many lavender-coloured Absols have you seen?

    <Gotta train that teleport more...> It grumbled, before looking around. <Am I even right here? Ain’t looking much like Sabrina’s house...never mind....> The Absol puts its paws on the windowsill and looks through the window. It smiles as it sees the people inside. <Bingo, right place!> It turns around. <Now to get the guys here...>

    Suddenly, an Alakazam, a Kadabra as well as a Starmie are brought into the scenery the same fashion the Absol was brought in, minus the butt falling, mainly because the Starmie had no butt.

    The Absol smiles. <Here you are!>

    The Kadabra smiles. Sarcastically. <Die Freude ist ganz deinerseits.>

    Shaking its head, the Absol- can we finally stop with the ‘it’? We know it’s a female...anyway, the Absol scolded the Kadabra. <No speaking German here, no one understands it, anyway.>

    The Kadabra looks suspiciously at the Starmie, who has stayed silent until now. On his own wishing, we might add. Good for him, considering that we don’t want to start another blog war here. Never mind that this is no blog.

    <You finished your weird rambling yet?> The Kadabra asked. The Absol rolled her eyes. <My fic, I do whatever I want.>

    The three minus one Pokemon, as the Starmie has no eyes, look at each other. They *know* what this means. They know it oh so well. The Starmie does as well, though it doesn’t seem to care as much. It...ehm...he? Have Starmie even a gender? ...okay, okay. He has/had his own fic to drive the Absol mad with.

    <Why are we here, anyway?> The Alakazam asks, looking around as if expecting the world to change any moment. No wonder considering his fic...

    The Absol turns around, smiling, and opens the window with one of her paws. <This, my dear, is kinda a ‘what has happened in the last ten years?’ segment of the fic.>

    <Oh, so we’ll see how Sabrina grew up? > The tiny voice of a Mew asks.

    Everyone stares at it.

    < weren’t supposed to be here.> The Absol blinks, suddenly, a blank block of paper appears in her hands and she holds up a pencil, the backside of the block has the big, bold words ‘SCRIPT’ written on it. <After you stopped reviewing, I relentlessly decided to throw you out of the shamelessly self-inserting epilogue part of my fic where I make fun of my quirky fans and/or readers, pardon the quirk pun, Zammy. Sorry.> She closes her eyes and makes a dismissive gesture with her hand. <Writing space is limited in these hard economical days.>

    Two Pokemon stare at her. One doesn’t care. One is as playful as a Mew and flies around. And that ain’t the Starmie.

    <What has writing space to do with economy?> The Kadabra asks, and just as the Alakazam is about to interrupt it, the Absol stops them. <Guys, no political, philosophical and/or religious wars here, we could get into hell for that, pardon the pun.> The Starmie doesn’t react. Whatever.

    <So, what are we here for, P*A?> The Alakazam again asks. The Absol grins and wiggles her finger, as wiggling with her tail would be highly inappropriate.

    <Heheh, we’re here to do a little love-bird-watching.> The two other psychic Pokemon cross their arms and apparently don’t find the joke amusing. One wonders why...

    “Aw, come on guys. I *know* you want to see how Will and Sabrina are doing?>

    The Alakazam looks as if it got a heart attack while the Kadabra frowns. <Who said that these two are meant?!>

    <Well, it’s her house we’re standing in front of and my fic we’re in. Want more proof?>


    Again, the Absol turns to the window and slowly opens it, but only so much that you can hear what’s been going on inside. Then she beckons the other two three Pokemon to come next to her. <Stay down, we don’t want them to see us, do we?>

    <Do we even want to see them?> The Alakazam asks, the Absol just glares at him. She looks inside again, nodding and smiling.

    “Will! You come here right now or you’re going into trouble!” It’s Sabrina’s voice with a snarl added to it. The two fox-like Pokemon share a grin.

    “Yeah, I’m coming, love. Just a moment.” The voice sounds as if it’s coming from relatively far away.

    There’s another snarl. “Now is now, and not in a moment.” No answer for a while. Then a sigh. “Will, she’s yours as much as she’s mine. And she’s still a baby. So will you take care of her please?”

    The Absol grins like a maniac, the Kadabra seems to have fallen sick while the Alakazam nearly faints. Only the Starmie shines happily. Maybe. Hard to tell with no mouth to speak.

    There’s mumbling in the background. “Ehm, since when is she also mine? I thought we agreed that you would take care of her alone!”

    A wooden chair is being moved. “Well, usually I do, as you’re being busy playing the elite at Indigo.”

    A fuming “Playing?!” is being ignored.

    “But today you’re here, so you’ll be the foster daddy, right?” Again, mumbling as a door is opened and someone steps into the room.

    “Okay, okay, I’ll do...”

    The Absol can’t stop snickering as she sees her friends readers whimpering.

    <Don’t tell me they made a little Sabrina!> The Alakazam asks, with tears in his eyes. Men who can still cry are cool, btw., this isn’t random at all.

    A halo appears over the Absol as she smiles, angels sing in the background and there’s light all around. The singing actually comes from her MP3-Player and the light from a floodlight, mind you. The Absol is not religious. Teh blasphemy, a dark Pokemon...

    <How should I know?> She asks, innocently, if you didn’t already get it from the background scenery.

    The Kadabra raises an eyebrow. <You’re the author, that’s how you should know!>

    <O, rly?>...internet speak iz 4 teh winnerz, lulz.

    Suddenly, a loud mewing comes from the window and no, we didn’t decide to randomly throw the Mew into the living room.

    Everyone turns their head to the direction of the sound, and the Absol starts to sweatdrop. <Oops...>

    Now the three two Pokemon are suspicious. Which is good, considering who the author is. Another mewing sound. “Will! Leave Gary alone for one moment and come over to take care of little Soly! She can’t be all by her own while I get to the gym!”

    The two Pokemon carefully peek from beneath the window and what they see is...Sabrina, standing in front of a wooden table. And on the wooden table sits a tiny...Eevee.

    The two Pokemon glare downwards at the Absol. Which has just shrunk to the average size of a Weedle. No, we don’t have an explanation for that either.

    <You...!!!> The Alakazam usually doesn’t resort to physical harm inducing, yet glaring and looking infuriated doesn’t fall under that category. Yet.

    <Meep!> The Absol decides that it’s better for her glamorous, violet fur to flee if she wants it and what lies beneath to remain unharmed, and so she runs off, two Pokemon following her while the third, ehm...stands around. Do Starmie even stand?

    The camera again looks into the living room where Will is sighing and lifts the little Eevee, who happily wags her tuff tail and squeals with joy as her ‘daddy’ is cuddling her.

    “His name is Gareth, not Gary!” Sabrina snickers as she watches the older, scarred and rough looking Espeon walk into the room silently and majestically, glancing at the baby Eevee.

    “Really, Gareth? Oh come on, Will, I don’t call you King William XIII either.” He blinked and smiled, bowing before her, which the Eevee doesn’t seem to like so much as it squeaks and tries to jump out of his arms.

    “Yet you’re my queen, aren’t you?” The author/Absol knows one of her readers will get the joke.

    “Will, be careful with my dear Soly, now, will you?” She glares at him and takes the frightened Eevee out of his arms. “No one should entrust you with a baby, you know that?” She continues to glare at him.

    Will shrugs. “Says the one with no siblings. I babysitted my younger siblings.”

    “Until you ran away from home.”

    “I was ten back then!”


    Will grumbles, then sits down, Gary- sorry, Gareth, lazily followed him.”We don’t have any children to babysit and that won’t change so soon.” He looks at her with a knowing, smirking glance. Sabrina rolls her eyes.

    “Well, if Lucian and Cynthia come back, we could babysit their spawn.”

    “What?” Will raises his head. And at least one reader does at this point, too. We just know it.

    Sabrina smiles. “Didn’t read the tabloids, eh? Announced just this morning, Cynthia’s pregnant.”

    Will’s eyes have reached the size of water melons. And one reader jumps up with joy. “And...ehm...” He gulps. “ know, the whole trouble with Lance and stuff...only been a bit over a month ago, right?” His voice suddenly drops an octave. “Who’s the father?”

    Sabrina grins and shrugs her shoulders. “That’s for fate to know. And Cynthia, once she wants someone to accept paternity. The tabloids say nothing, so I guess it’s widely assumed that Lucian’s the father.”

    Will nods. And we decide to leave the scenery and enjoy the picture that is a frantic dark/psychic Absol running away from a Kadabra and an Alakazam.

    The (real) end

    Phew, this really, really took long, eh? =3 Thankfully, I already started the sequel (Summer's Magic), so posting the first chapter of the next part shouldn't take that long.
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