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    Originally Posted by Blade Axel View Post
    Hello! I'm not good in english!

    I could not find a challenge that is the type in which the creator of the challenge which he says will be his pokes, there is something like this?
    I'm not exactly sure what you mean. There is a challenge called "Random Pokemon Challenge" hosted by WriteThemWrong, in which the creator picks the Pokemon for everyone using a Random Pokemon Generator.

    You also might be thinking of a scramble challenge, where you post saying how many Pokemon you want to have, and everyone else gives you one Pokemon, and if you want them to, moves that it has to learn or moves that it can't learn. There's one for the third generation hosted by Ru-Kun
    Originally Posted by Charmageddon View Post
    I've got an idea for one - the Gym Type Challenge. You have to beat each gym using only Pokemon of that gym's type - so you must beat Misty using only Water-types, Erika using only Grass types, Whitney using only Normal-types, etc. Would you guys play this challenge or is it a bit too much?

    It would be hard, because you can't keep one Pokemon for very long. I guess you would have to make an exception to brock or something, because iirc there aren't any rocks you get before him. But yeah, I would totally do this. Would you do it for the elite four too? Because you wouldn't be able to switch teams out in between battles, and you would have to have like one of each type. That could prove challenging. I'd do it.