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    Originally Posted by myrrhman View Post

    It would be hard, because you can't keep one Pokemon for very long.
    You could re-use Pokemon though - eg. Venasaur, the Grass/Poison type, would be allowed to be used at both Erika's gym and Koga's.

    I guess you would have to make an exception to brock or something, because iirc there aren't any rocks you get before him.
    Yeah, exceptions would be made if you cannot get any Pokemon of that certain type. I'm pretty sure Brock and Roxanne are the only gyms you cannot do though.

    Would you do it for the elite four too? Because you wouldn't be able to switch teams out in between battles, and you would have to have like one of each type.
    I can think of three ways we could do it.

    a) The challenge ends when the 8th gym leader is defeated.
    b) You must use only the type of ONE of the E4 members (eg. in Sinnoh you must monotype with either Bug, Fire, Ground or Psychic).
    c) You can use any of the Pokemon you have used for any of the gym battles.

    Which do you think is best?

    That could prove challenging. I'd do it.
    Awesome. I'll try and set the thread up later tonight.
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