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    Originally Posted by Charmageddon View Post

    I can think of three ways we could do it.

    a) The challenge ends when the 8th gym leader is defeated.
    b) You must use only the type of ONE of the E4 members (eg. in Sinnoh you must monotype with either Bug, Fire, Ground or Psychic).
    c) You can use any of the Pokemon you have used for any of the gym battles.
    You could also only be able to use the pokemon from your team that correspond with the current e4 member is. So if you had this team in emerald:


    You could use Sableye and Sharpedo for Sidney because they're dark type
    You could use Sableye and Banette for Phoebe because they're ghost type
    You could use Walrein for Glacia because it's ice type
    You could use Flygon and Salamence for Drake because they're dragon type
    You could use Walrein and Sharpedo for Wallace because they're water type

    O_o It's a terrible team, but you get my point. (I hope)
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