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    I predicted either a

    A. Ash V.S Barry would happen


    B. Barry V.S paul.

    Didn't think Barry would be knocked out so early though.
    Any one who isn't Ash in the league will be knocked out early.
    Ash has to win agianst Paul this time, he needs to show Paul his skills.
    I bet after this, that Barry will loose respect for Paul and root for Ash.
    But yah, ovbiously Ash knocks Nando out, poor guy hasn't had a chance.
    Nando did better in the Grand Festival LOL. Maybe he should just stick with one thing. Switching back and fourth could be throwing Nando's skills off, than again Wallace says different. The matches I'm looking forward to are, Ash V.S Paul and Ash V.S Conway, why Conway? Cuz we haven't really seen his skills yet, so I'm curious how Conway will do against Ash.
    Man I can't wait.
    Ash fan girl. Multi Ash shipper.
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