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Good luck with that Shaymin, Runa.

As for is finally complete.


After 3,744 eggs hatched over a period of exactly one year.

The video and other pictures arrive tomorrow. I never took any other pictures of my shiny Riolu as a Riolu, so the picturse of its nature and stuff will be of it as a Lucario. Sorry if that bothers anyone.

Originally Posted by Me from Serebii
Thank you to everyone who congratulated me. It means a lot to be recognized! I do not deny that I am lucky...but at the same time, I am also a dedicated shiny hunter, and I feel as though my hard work has paid off!

And now, as a reward for your patience (or rather, the result of my sleepiness :p) here are the pictures and video.

HADOUKEN!! actually makes more sense...


The reason why it is a Lucario and no longer a Riolu is simple; as soon as I finished making the video, I traded the Riolu over to HG, and I manipulated the time so that I could get massages and haircuts to raise my pokemon's happiness. Then I gave it one Rare Candy, so that it would evolve into a Lucario at level 2. Then I traded Lucario back to my Platinum version, and took the pictures.

Good luck, everyone.

Credit goes to ShinysHunters Forum for the image.

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