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    D'aww... Thanks. ^^
    If I ever get around to making more, I'll probably have 'em up for sale. Of couse, If you're interested, I can tell you how I made 'em so you can try it yourself.



    Shimama (Shaded): Shaded version of my previously submitted "Shimama Vector."

    Millennoum Ring - Better Pics: I uploaded these because I really wasn't happy with the previous shots of my Millennium Ring. Though they may be small, I think these do it better justice. On a side note, I almost have everything I need for my Yami Bakura cosplay. I have to wait for the shirt to get in so I can modify it (gets scissors ready) and I've yet to find an affordable wig, though I have found a few tips. WILL WORK FOR LONG WHITE WIGS! XD

    No, seriously.

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