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Originally Posted by Vernikova View Post
I initially thought that Pikachu won the race though so I was surprised that Snorlax won the race.
When they put the ending results on screen, it really looked as though Pikachu reached and crossed the finish line mark before Snorlax. When it was announced that Snorlax had won the Hurdle Dash though (iirc, that's what the event was called) I was left surprised.

Overall though, the episode was pretty much satisfactory; a decent way to showcase the Pokéathlon from Johto and advertise HG/SS altogether.

The Pokéathlon seemed interesting enough and I hope they bring it back for another episode (I'm guess they haven't yet?) though I wouldn't want to see it as a big part of the show like contests are.
Agreed. The Pokéathlon in the anime was pretty decent, however after watching this episode, I feel as though it couldn't pull off a major part of the plot in the show like Pokémon Contests do. Plus, by its announcement here, it only seems to be part of Johto's events and not any other regions (thus far). This pretty much leaves me assured that contests may indeed continue for the next generation.
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