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    Originally Posted by AdvancedK47
    Holy crap, I swear I will laugh mother****ing hard if Barry wins.
    Ruining somthing that has taken about 4-years to create is not a joke my good sir. It's srs bsns. I'd laugh too but that's besides the point I think.

    Originally Posted by GlalieX
    I don't think Barry's rivalry status is lost if he loses to Paul. Either Nando vs. Paul or Ash vs Nando works for me. I'm rather easy to please, I suppose. :P
    Me neither. I'll just see Barry as the weakest rival Ash has ever had and it's perfectly acceptable in this case since he's going against Paul for some reason.

    I kind of hope that Nando's battle (Whoever he's against) will be as good as the battle he had with Zoey (Since some people say it was, like, the best battle in the Grand Festival and all).
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