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Originally Posted by Giratina ♀ View Post
Hopefully with the quickly-approaching summer vacation I can get some guide-writing done. [goes to stalk to-do list since her project was presumably ditched]
Do we need guides though? I figure that pretty much any guide anyone could write has already been written before, and could just be linked to in the resources thread.

Because, well, to be blunt: it's either guide-writing or review-writing. And maybe if more reviews are written, we could see what guides could be added.

As for to-do lists, I'm finally going through and just doing plain clean-up mod work. The Poetry rules thread has been updated, the F&W rules have been fixed up to reflect changes made from this project, and now I'm going to update the Fanfiction Index. Because that hasn't been done in a long while. (Not blaming Bay at all, since she had, y'know, real life.)

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