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Konnichiwa I was taking a closer look at your Wants list, and I noticed I had half of it o.o Problem is, most are already EV'd, and you're specifically looking for UT ;; As for UT, I got these:

Calm Articuno
Timid Mewtwo
Timid Moltres
Modest Kyogre
Jolly Rayquaza
Timid Zapdos

I also have every TM you're Looking for o.o I don't really want anything in Return


Here's more info on my Pokémon (IV's listed as HP|ATK|DEF|SP.ATK|SP.DEF|SPEED)

Articuno - Level 50 - Calm Nature - Caught in a Dive Ball
IV's: 29|17|29|30|31|31
Faraway Place (HG Seafoam Islands)

Mewtwo - Level 70 - Timid Nature - Caught in a Poké Ball
IV's: 21|14|15|31|24|31
Faraway Place (HG Cerulean Cave)

Moltres - Level 50 - Timid Nature - Caught in a Poké Ball
IV's: 30|17|24|31|24|31
Faraway Place (HG Mt.Silver? I know it's from HG xD)

Zapdos - Level 50 - Timid Nature - Caught in an Ultra Ball
IV's: 21|24|28|30|28|31
Faraway Place (HG Power Plant)

Kyogre - Level 50 - Modest Nature - Caught in a Great Ball
IV's: 22|31|29|31|28|31
Faraway Place (HG Embedded Tower)

Rayquaza - Level 50 - Jolly Nature - Caught in a Great Ball
IV's: 28|31|20|26|26|31
Faraway Place (HG Embedded Tower)

I have a Timid Articuno, Modest Moltres, Adamant Rayquaza and The Same Jolly Rayquaza already EV'd xD Let me know if you're interested in having these
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