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Hey everyone. Well, it's my first time here in the Writer's Lounge, and, um....

*earsplitting scream*

Okay, now that that's out of the way.... My friend and I are writing a Pokemon fanfiction together, and I plan to post it here in Fanfiction and Writing. But we're not sure if one of the ideas we have for the fic (and it's an IMPORTANT IDEA for it) will offend anyone. So please please please give some feedback here!!!

Here it is: The fic has two main characters. One is a necromancer (Not too sure about that one either, so as always, feedback is appreciated) and the other is a witch. The latter is the one that has me worried. Now, our idea for her is half-Got It Out of a Book and half-Harry Potter. Keep in mind that she is good-hearted and has only everyone's best interests at heart. Her powers and that of the necromancer's are very important to the plotline and if they (the powers) should be removed, the fic would be dead.

Please give us some feedback here because we really don't want to offend anyone in any way (hence my scream back there)!
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