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This is all I want from you. Thats only 3 =[ Sorry. You'll have to pick 3 from me. not 4

Name: Mew (JAP)
Event: Pokemon Event 07
Level: 30 Touched
Item: None
Gender: No Gender
Nature: Quirky
Stats: 109/65/65/65/65/65
Moves: Psychic/Mega Punch/Aura Sphere/Teleport

Name: Manaphy Egg
Event: Pokemon Ranger

Name: Latias
Event: Pokemon Event 10JAHRE
Level: 70 Untouched
Item: None
Gender: Female
Nature: Hardy
Stats: 201/132/149/167/194/160
Moves: Mist Ball/Psyshic/Recover/Charm

Hey, how come the mew you trade me shows up as palcity mew?
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