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    Originally Posted by ReyRey-Pyon View Post
    Yes. probably maybe idk

    I don't understand why its considered "Indecent" for a woman to run around topless.
    Why is it? Is it the nipples? because men show their nipples all the time and no one gives a crap. its it the fact that women have boobs?

    What about fat guys with man boobs? shouldn't that be censored too?
    Why do people start freaking out when women breastfeed? I don't understand it at all

    know what? instead of women running around topless. how about the men put something on :C
    i'd rather we all just put some clothes on instead of a bunch of people running around naked.

    we might see people we REALLY do not want to see that much of ._.
    Agreed. I was going to say something to the tune of "Yes, I think it should be allowed, but most women (myself included) don't want to be outside topless and thus it would be rare sight even if it were legal." But I quite like the idea of it being illegal for both women and men to be topless in public.

    I mean, yeah. I've seen some guys who were lookin' pretty indecent without their shirts on and no one bats an eye, but as soon as a woman pops a breast out to feed her child people are falling all over themselves because they're too busy watching her rather than where they're going.