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    Originally Posted by Drake(Elite Four) View Post
    This Game looks cool. I hope it has the Orre region in it
    Originally Posted by Canderis View Post
    Wow. This will be fun to play! Hope you add orre. Please?
    Guys, seriously, I made an update post RIGHT ABOVE where you posted your questions about why I won't be doing Orre. Of course, my mind COULD change toward the end of the project, when I have a spriter and we can just add extra features. A Special Edition perhaps. But until then, which will be much later, refer to the update post in which I said: I will not be doing Orre, as of now. It's too hard to translate the 3D graphics into the format of the handheld games. That's what I put the update there for: for you guys to read it. :\

    Anyway, in other news, I'm making REALLY good progress on re-spriting the other regions. I'm working on Hoenn at the moment. I'd post maps in an update, but that'd be pretty redundant since they're just the same maps you've seen in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, except with FRLG graphics. I'll let you guys know when I've finished work on that, because that'll be when I go back to mapping Gala Region. I needed a break from mapping the new region because I could feel myself getting burnt out on it.

    By the way, to those of you who have posted here, thanks for all the support so far guys, really. It means a lot. I know there's not a lot to be seen, in terms of screenshots and all. Personally, a thread without those is one of my small pet peeves. But as soon as I can figure out what's wrong and get some eventing done one way or another, you'll be seeing those screens. Thanks for supporting when there's not much to support yet. I can only hope and try my best to not let that support go to waste.