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Originally Posted by Tropical Sunlight View Post
Both the new Gym and the new battle background look good. Very good. I understand how difficult it is to insert one.

I also like Green's sprite. Did you make it?

I don't like the Gym's default FR tiles, maybe I could make you a Gym tileset for it?
Thanks, yeah it was very hard to insert a Battle background.

Yes, I did make it, although I can't remember where I got the base image for the hair, I edited it.

About the Gym Tileset, if you really want to, I'd be extremely grateful!

Originally Posted by WillPowerPedro View Post
I so looking forward to this game! Good Luck, FS (Flandre Scarlet)!
Thank you.

Originally Posted by tayloryusha1 View Post
im also looking forward to this game(:
Thanks. :D


A little research from me, using altariaking's code, I've managed to implement animated Pokemon into Fire Red! That's right, most, if not all Pokemon in Blue Moon will be animated!

Also, here are some screenshots of the Noffed Co. building and the event where Prof. Sun gives you a PokeFone.

Also, here is a .GIF of the animated Bagon sprite, I decided to use the Emerald animations because they are perfect size for GBA.

It isn't that slow, but since I'm extremely horrible at making .GIFs thats all I could do. ;_;

PS: Oak's OW will change, so please don't spam the thread saying "OMG ITS OAKS OW ITS WRONG" etc etc.

Thanks guys!