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    Originally Posted by ChrisTom View Post
    1. A small island town is about to experience a hurricane. A Pikachu who get's lost from her family befriends a trainer who decides to seek shelter at the local Lighthouse. Upon entering they discover an ancient secret, having to do with Lanturn, Relicanth, and the birth of the ocean...
    Doesn't sound too bad. Of course, the concept hinges on what the secret is and where you go from there, given the fact that this discovery (of the secret at least) seems like the beginning of the story.

    2. Okay, my main question with this is should it be a story or an RP? I can't really decide. The town of Cinnabar Island is struck with fear. There have been sightings. Sightings of something so strange, so otherworldly, so terrifying that it peirces their hearts with fear at the mere name of it. Some say it's nothing more than mass hysteria. But after one boy's father get's killed by it, he knows he'll have to unravel the secret of: The Cinnabar Anomaly. Yes, I stole the name from the fanon Pokedex, don't judge me.
    Because you're really focusing on only one person's perspective of the events, it's probably best to leave it as a story. An RP would require you to open up the possibility for other people to jump in and want to investigate this mystery. Given the fact that this is a mystery that might actually require you to link that death with the sightings (because I'm not sure if the boy would watch his father get killed by a monster and be completely stable after that -- not to mention I'm not sure how many people would believe him if he said his father was killed by said monster), it seems like more of a private investigation, rather than something just anyone can jump into with their own characters (even if you tried to limit the cast to a handful of open slots).

    Long story short, it's a murder mystery about a boy trying to connect his father's death with strange sightings of a monster that may or may not actually exist. It would, as a consequence, probably focus on that boy's quest to discover the truth because the circumstances of the death would most likely be incredibly shady.
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