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I'm trying to find a copy of "Princess Kasumi", a Pokemon/Princess Mononoke crossover whose author went by Willow or Miyu. A brief description of the plot is Misty goes missing so Ash and Pikachu go into a strange city where most people have not heard of Pokemon in order to search for her. The city is based on the Princess Mononoke world, with talking wolves. Ash gets a disease that can be seen as a black area on his arm.

The site I originally read it on is but none of the links work anymore. I've tried contacting both the story author and the owner of the website where it was hosted, but neither e-mail address is still active. Through my searching I came across this site , but only a small portion of the story is posted there.

I know this is a long shot because the fanfic was written 10 years ago, but I remember it being amazing so I was really hoping to read it again. Thanks for any help!
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