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    Even so, your story seems to revolve most around a single character, and it seems to be built on paranormal investigation, not just your average CSI. This means that it will have more emotional impact (and therefore allow for more character development) for a single character and not your outlying detectives because it's related most to the kid's father.

    Additionally, as I've said above, your detectives will most likely be paranormal investigators because they're getting into purported sightings of an unknown creature. Think about how seriously a lot of people take alien or ghost hunters in the real world. You have people who do, but for the most part, not everyone does. This means the investigation will be harder for your detectives, even to the point of potentially causing your main character to mistrust them a little. I mean, if someone came up to you and said they completely believe your story about how your father was killed by something everyone else says doesn't exist, how would you react?
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