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    Originally Posted by TheAppleFreak View Post
    Putting in more than four moves is, IMO, a horrible idea. Completely gets rid of the strategy that us competitive battlers put into our Pokémon.

    Maybe varying degrees of paralysis and burning would be nice, but nothing else.
    ^this is my thought about this. It is already balanced with four moves, and the strategy that comes with it is part of what makes the game so awesome. Maybe something like severe burn should be added. It would act the same as badly poisoned

    -pokemon evolve in mid-battle no
    -trainers get exp from beating your pokemon (don't exaclt know how it would perfectly work) it would be weird
    -trainer pokemon have EVS (i used an AR code to catch one, it had 0 EVS) would that effect much?
    -game won't say what pokemon trainer is sending out but you can still switch (unlike "set" option) pretty cool idea
    -smarter trainer pokemon I've been dying for this to happen!