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    Originally Posted by JX Valentine View Post
    While it's interesting to have a Pokémon-focused epidemic wipe out the Pokémon population, you'll want to think of a couple of things:

    1. Eight to ten years' incubation time isn't really a "quick and aggressive" spread of a virus. This is assuming you didn't mean it mutated in eight to ten years (i.e., assuming that you meant that each Pokémon died within eight to ten years after receiving the Pokérus virus). For a comparison, try looking up the Black Death, which killed roughly a third of Europe's population within two years. The course of the disease (at least, from the time of contraction to the time of death) was only about a week, and this was bacterial-based. Viruses like the flu can be up to half that time. Of course, a virus can have any variety of symptoms (which in turn could mean it could detected at any length of time -- including, in some cases, not at all), but if you want your virus to be a deadly epidemic, it always helps to do some research into historical epidemics to figure out how to make yours a bit more believable.
    I wasn't too detailed earlier. I tend to miss things when typing on a Wii. When I say quick and aggressive, I mean that the virus infects Pokemon on contact, and the beneficial side is almost instantly activated. Basically, it's a normal Pokerus Virus... With fatal effects much later on.

    2. Also, think about how this virus is transmitted. If it was given to trainers only via injection, unless it mutated into a more contagious form fairly quickly, wild Pokémon probably went untouched unless this concentrated 'rus displays the same behavior as Pokérus itself (i.e., contagious through skin-to-skin contact).
    Yeah, like I said above, it spreads on contact, and all Pokemon would be affected sooner or later.

    3. Ecology. Pokémon represent a huge part of the ecology of that world, with some (legendaries) even being embodiments of nature itself. If you wipe out several hundred species all at once, you're risking throwing the balance of nature off, which would no doubt result in horrific things happening to the environment and to humanity itself. Be careful.
    Yeah, I understand Legendaries being important for controlling certain aspects of the world. I was planning on having them in a hibernative status, trying to combat the Pokerus effects they contracted, or just not interacting with the world.

    4. Remember that this is a virus, one that (in the present of the games, at least) isn't well researched to begin with. You'll have to ask the question of how many people would be willing to infect their Pokémon with a virus -- and, of course, whether or not this is a moot point, considering point #2.
    The scientist would have studied Pokerus for a while, saw its beneficial effects, and try to recreate it. New or power hungry trainers would've used the Pokerus to get stronger, not considering the consequences. More skeptical trainers would have had their Pokemon contract it through battles or interaction regardless.

    In other words, viruses aren't bad for a concept, but I'm just saying put a lot of thought into it. You could potentially come out with something interesting (like a post-apocalyptic hell); it just depends on how you handle the virus.

    As for the rest of the concept, I can't say too much that you'll probably answer within your fic as it is. For example, did the humans magically get these abilities, or is it a new step in human evolution? (This would classify your fic as either a fantasy or a sci-fi piece.) Considering the human race has been living without Pokémon for roughly three centuries, would the Institute have the technology to take over the world without the PokéSpirits? (This question would mean that the army would actually be pretty pointless. As in, the human race would have moved away from depending on Pokémon powers and towards relying on technological weaponry, which in three centuries could have advanced to the point where an untrained piece of flesh would be laughed at by a robot with a nice gun. In other words, who would the Institute be fighting against, and would it be worth it to them to capture and enslave mutants as opposed to building bigger robots and either eradicating the mutants -- if they thought the Spirits would pose a remote threat to said robots -- or just ignoring them?)
    I don't want to give too much away, but the PokeSpirits can be considered the first step to reviving Pokemon through complex means.
    As for technology, given the overall lack of weapons the games seem to have, and how evil plots seem to revolve around Legendary Pokemon (Which everyone believes is dead) No one sees any real point in fighting with no overwhelming power to back up their group. However, seeing as a lack of weapons is pretty stupid, I could try shortening the time that the world's spent without Pokemon to about... fifty years? The world would be on a slow decline to ruin, and may make it easier to write about.

    On that note, I don't know. There's a lot of fics/RPs out there that entail "I have a special group of people with special powers, and there's someone out there who wants to use these people to take over the world." This is actually part of the reason why I'm telling you to think about these questions and concepts and figure out where things might need to be tweaked. It's an interesting idea on the surface, but if you don't ask these kinds of things, you may run into problems with cliché or WTFery.

    Good luck though.
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