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Info-Update Time!

Fusion Typing: Scientists of Team Atmos began to experiment with the genetic makeup of Pokemon. After finding out the genes that code for a Pokemon's type(s), they began to fuse them together to create super-types. Types that were created are: wood, magma, paradox, celestial, chaos, ancient, cyber, radioactive, and alloy. ( more info on these new types later )

Fusion Gyms: As a result of the newly created fusion types, gym leaders of Ryoenn began to capture and train fusion-typed pokemon and use them in gyms. These special gym battles are double battles against the 2 gym leaders whose types make up the fusion type of the gym; these gyms are available after you defeat the P4.

Dinogod Trio: Yin Dinogod, Ancient/Celestial; Yang Dinogod, Ancient/Chaos; Harmony Dinogod, Ancient/Cosmic. ______ ( Harmony DG ) watches over the balance of yin and yang from space. ( more info later )

P4: Replacing the E4 of past regions, Ryoenn introduces the new Prodigy 4, made up of the 4 best, young trainers of the region. The P4 include: Logon, specializing in Electric types; Houron, specializing in Time types; Empyreon, specializing in Cosmic types; and Soaron, specializing in Flying types. These trainers are lead by the champion of Ryoenn, Gaia.

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