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    Anyone know how to get the Water Stone, Thunder Stone, and Moon Stone in Crystal? I know the first two require getting some numbers, but I can't remember who and where they are. As for the Moon Stone, I read Ruins of Alph, but I'm not sure.
    Water Stone - Fisher Tully, Route 42 - or show Bill's grandfather Staryu or Marill (not sure which)
    Thunderstone - Lass Dana, Route 38 - or show Bill's grandfather a Pichu
    Bill's grandfather lives in the Sea Cottage at the end of Route 25. You can only get one of each stone per game from him.

    Moon Stone:
    Mt. Moon Square, watch the Clefairy dance each Monday at 20:00, and again each Tuesday at 04:00. It will be under a rock that you have to Rock Smash.
    Ruins of Alph, southeastern chamber (you don't need to go to Union Cave), go face the writing on the back wall and have a Pokémon use Flash. A room will open up, and you can find a Moon Stone in there.
    Mom might buy it for you occasionally.