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    Originally Posted by dithyrambos View Post
    Hun, you had me at "Techno Sky." I wish you much luck with this endeavor. I'm especially interested in these "fusion types" and the P4 you have mentioned.
    Thank you so much for this post, we'll try our best to continue creating this game and there'll be more info on the fusion types and the P4 soon.

    Originally Posted by mr. ck View Post
    Shadows under the male and female characters are different... That's the first thing that caught my eye.
    Yeah I was just in a hurry to get the screenshots I forgot to make the shadow transparent.

    New Characters!

    Name: Ivy
    Origin: Ivory
    Type: Heroine
    Hometown: Celadon City,Kanto

    Name: Eben
    Origin: Ebony ( french spelling: ébène )
    Type: Hero
    Hometown: Saffron City,Kanto

    Name: Trent
    Origin: Trench
    Type: Gym Leader ( water )
    Hometown: Rainbrick Town, Ryoenn

    Name: Amber
    Origin: Ember
    Type: Gym Leader ( fire )
    Hometown: Kindle Village, Ryoenn

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